A farm fleet insurance policy will enable you to cover your vehicles, whatever their type, under one easy-to-manage policy. Get the tailored cover at a competitive price for your business by clicking the green button now.

  • Cover For All Types of Vehicles
  • Employers & Public Liability Insurance
  • Any Driver
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Full Documentation Available Instantly

Farm Fleet Insurance – A Quick Start Guide

Farm fleet insurance cover options

Below are some of the main cover options you can get with a farm fleet insurance policy.

  • Any driver – Any driver policies are especially useful if you have employees who need access to the different types of vehicles on your farm since you don’t have to worry about who is driving which vehicle.
  • Risks for all vehicles – Running a farm means you need access to multiple types of vehicles, including a tractor, harvester, car and possibly even more depending on the size of the farm. With a fleet policy you can get cover for all the unique risks that these different types of vehicles face, whether it’s accidents, collisions, part failure etc.
  • Haulage – If you’re also responsible for the transportation of goods from your farm then you can get haulage cover included in your policy.
  • Breakdown assistance – It’s always useful to know that any of your vehicles would be attended to quickly if they breakdown so getting breakdown cover as part of your policy is a smart choice.

Factors that affect the cost of farm fleet insurance

  • Number of vehicles insured – The number of vehicles you need to insure will certainly affect how much your fleet insurance costs. More vehicles generally mean more risk so you can expect to pay more for a large fleet.
  • Number of named drivers – The number of named drivers will also impact cost, as will their age, driving experience and claims/criminal history.
  • The security of your premises – Making your premises secure is always a good idea if you want to reduce what you pay for fleet insurance so it will mean your vehicles are at less risk of being vandalized or stolen.

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