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Cover can include:

  • Contents cover
  • Accidental damage
  • Unoccupied insurance
  • Water and frost damage
  • Flood cover

Benefits of getting cover online include:

  • Fast and easy quotes
  • No pressure from providers
  • Instant documentation and cover

Static caravan insurance cover options

  • Unoccupied cover – People who have static caravans will usually leave them unoccupied for extended periods of time when they’re not using them. You can get cover for your contents when the caravan in unoccupied with this type of cover.
  • Accidental damage – Covers any damage that occurs to your caravan, whether it’s dents and scratches or more serious damage that might be caused by a storm or other extreme weather.
  • Malicious damage – If your caravan was damaged due to vandalism or a break in then the repair costs would be covered when you have malicious damage included in your policy. This type of vandalism isn’t unheard so depending on the area your caravan is in, it’s certainly worth considering this type of cover.
  • Water and frost damage – Things like frozen pipes and leakages can be an issue with static caravans, particularly during the winter months so water and frost damage is a very useful type of cover to get.
  • Flood cover – If your caravan is in a flood risk area then this type of cover is recommended.

Did you know?

You can cover the contents of your static caravan by getting contents insurance included in the policy.

Reasons to get static caravan insurance quotes online

  • Pressure-free quotes – Getting quotes online is not only very easy but you also don’t have to worry about feeling pressured by insurance providers. When calling insurance providers by phone, it’s possible that you’d feel under pressure to take out a particular policy even if you weren’t certain you wanted it. You don’t have this worry when getting quotes online.
  • Quick and easy cover – Obtaining quotes from several different insurance providers is a great way to save money. Luckily it’s also very easy to do now. All you have to do to get quotes from different insurance providers is fill in one quote form that states the cover you want and a few personal details such as your name, address, contact details etc. This is much easier than calling insurance providers one by one on the phone.
  • Instant documentation – Once you’ve made the first payment on your policy you’ll be sent your insurance documents immediately via email. Your cover will also be in place right away so you have full peace of mind that your caravan is protected.

Did you know?

You can add or remove cover options very easily when getting quotes online.

Saving money on static caravan insurance

Below are some of the best ways you can save money on a static caravan insurance policy –

  • Make your caravan secure – You should take any steps you can to make your caravan more secure if you want to keep the cost of your policy to a minimum. Thinks like installing an alarm system and window locks can go a long way to deterring thieves. You should also make sure you don’t keep any valuables, such as laptops, computers, tablets etc. in the caravan when you’re not there.
  • Pay for the policy annually – Another way to save money on static caravan insurance is by paying for the policy annually rather than monthly. Although this isn’t affordable for everyone, it will help you to make a good overall saving.
  • Increase the excess – Excess is the amount you would have to pay if you made a claim on your policy. You don’t have to have excess included as part of your cover but if you do then it’s a way to reduce your premium payments. Although some people would consider this a risky way to save money it can help to keep your monthly payments down.
  • Get quotes from a lot of providers – Getting quotes from a lot of insurance providers will help you to make an informed decision and choose a policy that offers good value for money.

Get static caravan insurance quotes now

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Static Caravan Insurance FAQs

How much will static caravan insurance cover cost?

The cost of a static caravan policy will depend on a few things. The main ones being –
  • The value of the caravan
  • How secure it is
  • How often you’re there
  • The area it’s in
  • The level of cover you take out

Will other people be able to use my static caravan under my insurance policy?

Yes. With a static caravan policy it’s the caravan itself that is covered rather than the people using it. This being the case, any accidental damage that might occur because of friends or family is also covered under your policy.

Do I need static caravan insurance ?

A static caravan is more akin to property when compared to a touring caravan so you want to make sure you get the right type of cover. Although you might think your caravan isn’t at too much risk there are always unexpected things that can happen, whether it’s a broken water pipe or damage that occurs from fire. Having cover in place will give you full peace of mind.

Is cover available if my static caravan is hired out ?

Yes, as long as you select Rental Cover or Loss of Rent. This provides cover for any loss of rent you may receive whilst your caravan is out of use as a result of an incident such as loss, damage or theft.

What is static caravan insurance?

Static caravan insurance is a type of cover that will provide protection for the risks that come with owning a static caravan. Unlike touring caravan insurance, you don’t need to worry about things like breakdowns and getting EU cover with a static caravan. However you do need to think about other risks such as break ins, accidental damage, contents and damage from the elements. A good static caravan insurance policy will cover you for all these risks.