Motorhome Insurance

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  • Compehensive,Third Party Fire & Theft & Third Party Only
  • Generous Limited Mileage Discounts
  • European Use
  • Club Members Discount
  • Camping Equipment & Personal Effects cover
  • UK & European Breakdown Cover Available
  • Legal Protection Available

A Guide to Motorhome Insurance

Types of motorhome insurance

  • Third party – A third part policy is the minimum level of cover you need in order for your motorhome to be road legal. A third party policy is essentially to protect other road users if you’re involved in a collision that you’re to blame for. If you want to add more protection for your own vehicle then you can get a third party, fire and theft policy.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive insurance will provide protection for all types of collisions, even those that you’re liable for.
  • European cover – European cover is necessary if you’re planning to take your motorhome overseas. It will ensure you’re protected will driving in the majority of European countries, although you should find out the exact details of where you’re covered when taking out a policy.
  • Breakdowns – Breakdown assistance can also be included in a motorhome insurance policy for an additional cost.

Benefits of getting motorhome insurance online

  • Get quotes easily – A big benefit of getting motorhome insurance quotes online is that the process is incredibly quick and simple. All you have to do is fill out one quote form and you can then get quotes from multiple providers.
  • Edit your policy quickly – It’s also very easy to edit your policy online. Adding or removing cover options is usually as simple as checking or unchecking a box.
  • No pressure – There is also no pressure when getting motorhome insurance quotes online. This means you’re able to look through the quotes you get and simply choose the one that’s best for you without feeling any outside pressure to take out a policy you’re not 100% happy with.
  • Instant documentation – When taking out cover online you also get instant documentation sent to your email address so you can prove that you have cover immediately.

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