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About Us

The aim of Clean Green Cars is to provide advice and information about the range of green cars that are currently available. Many motorists don’t even consider purchasing a green car when looking to purchase a new vehicle; often assuming that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. The truth is that green cars are growing in popularity and many top car manufacturers around the world are now heavily investing in green cars and related technology. Aside from being environmentally friendly, green cars are also cheap (often free) to tax and provide a very quiet and smooth driving experience.

As well as providing information on the different types of green cars, we also bring you the latest news regarding green cars from around the world as well as information on green car insurance.

It is our goal to help spread the word about green cars and enable the general public and business owners to have an informed decision where these types of vehicles are concerned.

Our insurance comparison service

Clean Green Cars are now offering an insurance comparison service that enables you to easily compare quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurance providers.

Below are the different types of insurance you can get quotes for –

Start saving now!

To get insurance quotes now, simply go to our main insurance page and click on the quote button for the type of cover you need.