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Doing something you love is worth protecting, so whether you’re a nail technician, beautician, hairdresser or barber, we can find the right insurance for you.

All types of cover for your salon, including:

  • Public liability
  • Products liability
  • Building insurance
  • Employers’ liability
  • Stock cover
  • Personal accidents
  • Business interruption
  • Glass cover

You can get cover for all types of salons, including –

  • Hair salons
  • Beauty salons
  • Nail salons

Did you know?

If you have employees then you need to have employers’ liability insurance included in your policy.

Main salon insurance cover options

Below are some of the cover options that you’ll find in many salon insurance policies and would be considered to be the most crucial types of cover.

  • Building insurance – If you don’t already have a building insurance policy in place for your premises then you can have it included as part of your salon insurance. Having building insurance is vital when you run a business. If your salon were to be damaged by fire for example then the repair/rebuild costs could be devastating if you didn’t have cover in place.
  • Public liability – Public liability insurance is a very important type of cover for any type of business. Liability claims are not uncommon nowadays and if a member of public were to be injured, have their property damaged or just feel they were wronged in some way by your business then you could easily find yourself facing a claim.
  • Employers’ liability – If you have employees then you’re obligated to get employers’ liability insurance. This will cover you for compensation claims that come from your own employees. This might be as a result of injury, unfair dismissal or another type of dispute. You can have legal expenses added to your policy for both public liability and employers’ liability insurance too.
  • Business interruption – If you had to close your business down for a period of time then this type of cover would ensure that you’d still receive your business income until you were able to reopen.


Additional salon insurance cover options

Below are some additional types of cover that you can have included in a salon insurance policy.

  • Contents cover – This will cover the contents of your salon. Contents cover isn’t a necessity but you might consider it depending on how expensive the equipment you have is and how much risk you think it’s at.
  • Glass cover – The glass at the front of your salon can be quite costly to replace if it’s damaged, either accidentally or due to vandalism. This type of insurance will cover the cost of it being replaced.
  • Utilities failure – If the gas, water or electricity were to fail in your salon then it could cause quite a lot of disruption to your business. Therefore utilities failure is a very useful type of cover to get.
  • Money cover – You can also cover the money that’s kept on your premises as part of a salon insurance policy.
  • Personal accidents – Accidents can occur quite easily in salons, whether it’s cuts, burns or another type of injury. If one of your employees were to be injured whilst working then this type of cover would ensure they received the proper treatment.

Did you know?

If you don’t already have building insurance for your premises then you can get it included as part of a salon insurance policy.

Saving money on salon insurance

  • Make your premises secure – A very good way to reduce the cost of your insurance is to make your premises secure. When insurance providers are coming up with a cost for your insurance, they’ll always take the security of your premises into account since this will indicate how likely you are to be the victim of vandals or thieves. Taking measures such as having good shop front shutter installed as well as CCTV inside the building as well as security lighting can certainly help to reduce the price you pay for salon insurance.
  • Pay annually – If you can afford to pay for your salon insurance annually when you first take it out then the majority of insurance providers will give you a considerable reduction on the overall policy cost for doing this. It’s not always affordable but is a very good way to keep costs down.
  • Increase excess – The amount you pay towards a claim is known as the excess. The more excess you choose to pay, the lower your monthly payments will be. This is somewhat risky of course but it is a good way to keep initial costs down.
  • Get quotes from many providers – A very obvious way to save money on salon insurance is by getting quotes from as many different insurance providers as you can. Doing this is very beneficial as it enables you to easily compare then quotes you get and choose the one that offers the best value for money.

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Salon Insurance FAQs

How much does salon insurance cost?

The cost of a salon insurance policy will depend on a few key factors. These are:
  • The security of your premises
  • How many employees you have
  • The area where your business is located
  • The level of cover you get

What types of salons can be covered under a salon insurance policy?

You can get cover for any type of salon, including hair salons, beauty salons or nail salons. You can also get cover if you work as a freelancer, such as a mobile hairdresser, beauty therapist or nail technician.

What does salon insurance cover?

A salon insurance policy can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. If you have employees then you’re obligated by law to have employers’ liability insurance. Outside of this you can also get cover for your building (if you don’t already have it) as well as cover for your stock, cash, equipment etc. as well as things like personal accidents and glass cover.

Why is salon insurance needed?

A good salon insurance policy will protect your business for major risks, such as liability claims, damage/loss of stock, cash and personal accidents. To run your business with full peace of mind you’ll certainly want to get a salon insurance policy. Even if you already have a building insurance policy to cover your premises for structural damage, you still need to get cover for things like liability claims and other risks that come with running a salon.