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A Guide to Quad Bike Insurance

Quad bikes and ATVs are a thrilling way to explore off-road terrains, but with the excitement comes risks. Many riders may not know that since 2011, it’s been mandatory for quad bike owners to have proper insurance coverage in place.

Lets go through everything you need to know about quad bike and ATV insurances – from different types of coverages available to legal requirements for riding on the road.

Key Takeaways

  • Quad bikes need insurance. There are three types: third-party only, third-party fire and theft, and comprehensive.
  • The law says all road quads must have insurance. Off-road quads need cover for things like theft and fire damage.
  • You need a licence to ride a quad bike on the road. Hide it off-road with a Statutory Off-Road Notification if you don’t use it there.

Types of Quad Bike Insurance

Different types of quad bike insurance exist to cater for various needs: third-party only which covers damages caused to others, third-party fire and theft which offers an added layer of protection against fire or theft, and comprehensive coverage that offers full-blown protection covering all aspects including accidental damage.

Third-party only

Third-party only is a type of quad bike insurance. This plan covers costs if your quad bike hurts someone else or damages their stuff. It is the most basic level of cover. If you cause an accident, this policy protects you from having to pay for the other person’s damaged property or car, but it won’t cover damage to your own quad bike.

Third-party, fire and theft

Third-party, fire and theft coverage is part of quad bike cover. It can protect the quad bike from harm. This harm may come from a fire or if someone steals it. Also, this coverage takes care of any damage your quad bike might cause to other people’s things.

This insurance policy also gives legal protection. It helps much when there are costs that insurers call premiums too high. One way to make them lower is to use security measures that the insurance company likes.


Comprehensive cover is a top-level type of quad bike insurance. It gives wide protection. It shields you from the cost of damage to other vehicles or things. If your quad bike gets hurt by fire, theft, or an accident, it covers that too.

You can get up to 15% off on your insurance costs if you use approved safety steps for your quad bike. The price of this cover changes based on many things like the make and model of your quad bike, how old you are, where you live and how safe a driver you are.

Coverage and Benefits of Quad Bike Insurance

Quad bike insurance provides a range of coverages that protect you against various risks. This includes road legal and off-road cover, safeguarding your quad bike whether you’re on the pavement or tackling rugged terrain.

One vital aspect is protection against theft – an unfortunately common occurrence with these adventurous vehicles. Fire damage coverage keeps your investment safe if the unthinkable happens, while accidental damage coverage takes care of any mishaps that might occur during use.

With such comprehensive protection benefits, quad bike insurance ensures peace of mind for every ride you take.

Road legal cover

Road legal cover is a big part of quad bike insurance. The law says every road-legal quad must have insurance. This rule started in 2011. If your quad stays off the road, you don’t need this cover.

To say your ATV is off the road, fill out a Statutory Off-Road Notification. Road legal cover helps if there’s an accident on the street and it’s not your fault.

Off-road cover

Off-road cover is a big part of quad bike insurance. This type of cover shields your quad from risks even when you’re not on public roads. Things like theft and fire damage can happen anywhere, so this coverage gives you peace of mind.

This sort of ATV insurance is great for bikes that aren’t used on the road. You don’t need to have your off-road quad taxed or pass an MOT test. Plus, all-age operation lets anyone ride them on private land with permission from the owner.

If you use your bike for jobs like farming or forestry work, just sign it up as a light agricultural vehicle! Then you can take short trips (up to 1.5km) legally on public roads near where you work without worries!

Protection against theft, fire, and accidental damage

Your quad bike faces risks every day. Theft, fire, and accidental damage are all real threats. Quad bike insurance deals with these threats. You get peace of mind when you know your machine has coverage.

But that’s not all – they cover accessories on your quad bike too! And if you use approved safety items, you can even save money on the cost of insurance!

Legal Requirements and Licensing for Riding a Quad Bike

Understanding the legal requirements and licensing for riding a quad bike on the road is vital to ensure safe and lawful operation. Diving deeper, we’ll explore these obligations including carrying passengers and confirming your quad’s road-legal status.

Stay tuned as there’s more to learn!

Licensing requirements for riding a quad bike on the road

You need to have a licence to ride a quad bike on the road. Here are the rules:

  • You must own a valid car driving licence.
  • If you have a motorbike licence, that works too.
  • In 2011, government rules came out. They said all quad bike owners needed insurance.
  • Off-road ATV does not need insurance if it is not used on public roads.
  • For this, you must make a Statutory Off Road Notification.
  • Always follow road use regulations for quad bikes.
  • Make sure your quad bike meets legal requirements before you take it out on the road.
  • To carry passengers, your quad bike needs to be designed to do so.
  • Passengers need helmets and other safety gear at all times when riding.

Ability to carry passengers on a quad bike

You must know the rules for riding a quad bike with passengers. Some quads are only built for one person. Others can fit two people. Each seat needs a seat belt.

To ride on roads, both the rider and passenger need helmets. The law says all riders have to wear them for safety. Quad bikes also need insurance cover if they go on public roads. This is so you and your passenger are safe in case of an accident.

Road-legal status of quad bikes

Quad bikes must meet certain rules to be road-legal. Owners should have the right insurance. This means at least third-party only cover. The bike also needs a number plate and valid MOT if it’s over three years old.

A full car or bike licence is important too for riding on the roads in the UK, as well as a helmet while driving. Quad bikes can’t go on motorways though! It’s against the law to drive any type of quad bike there, even if it is fully legal for other roads.

If you use your quad off-road only, declare it with a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN). Then you won’t need tax or insurance.

How to Get Quad Bike Insurance and Additional Cover Options

Getting a quad bike insurance quote is straightforward; you simply need to provide details about your vehicle and usage. Many insurers offer added extras like breakdown cover and excess protection for increased peace of mind.

Always compare policies to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your needs – remember, the cheapest option may not always offer comprehensive coverage. Never shy away from asking questions; it’s essential that you understand exactly what is and isn’t included in your policy before committing.

Additional cover options

You have a lot of choices to guard your quad bike. The extra cover options include:

  • Breakdown cover: If your quad bike breaks down, assistance is available.
  • Excess coverage: Some policies offer help if you need to pay your excess for a fault claim.
  • Accident recovery: Don’t worry if there’s an accident on the road, in the UK or Europe. Some insurers will get you and your quad bike safely home.
  • Legal cover: Some offer up to £100,000 legal protection for accidents that aren’t your fault.
  • Bike accessories protection: If something happens to your kit, it may be covered as well.

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Getting a quote for quad bike insurance is fast and easy. Here are the steps:

  • Fill in the information about your quad bike. This includes the type of bike, such as sports, leisure, or utility.
  • Add personal details like your name and address.
  • Give details about how you use your quad bike and where you keep it.
  • Pick any extra cover options you want, like breakdown cover
  • Hit ‘Get Quote’ to see and compare your quotes from the panel of specialist insurance providers.

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Quad Bike And ATV Insurance FAQs

What is quad bike and ATV insurance?

Quad bike and ATV insurance covers damage or loss to the bikes, as well as injury to riders or other people.

Is it a must to have insurance for my quad bike and ATV?

Yes, it’s important to have insurance for your quad bike and ATV in case of accidents or damages.

Can I use car insurance for my quad bike and ATV?

No, you need specific quad bike or ATV insurance because they are different from cars in terms of risks involved.

Does this type of insurance cover theft of my quad bike?

Yes, most quad bike and ATV insurances offer coverage if your vehicle gets stolen.

How much does Quad Bike And ATV Insurance cost on average?

The cost depends on factors like your location, the value of the vehicle and how often you use it.