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All you need to know about scooter insurance

People often think of scooters and mopeds as being the same thing but this isn’t true at all. In the UK, a moped is limited to 50cc and 28mph (assuming it hasn’t been de-restricted), whereas a scooter can have an engine anywhere from 50cc to 750cc.

The good news is that, although scooters can vary a lot in power, they still tend to be very affordable to insure. If you want to get scooter insurance quotes now, then you can click the green button. For more information on the types of cover you can get as well as pricing and ways to save money, keep reading.

Did you know?

The main thing that makes scooters different to mopeds is their varying engine size, going all the way to 750cc.

What cover options are available?


Third Party Only is the minimum level of cover you need to ride legally on UK roads. It will ensure that other road users are compensated in case you’re in accident that you’re to blame for.


Third Party, Fire and Theft provides you with more protection for your own scooter, since it will be covered for damage caused by fire and theft.

Fully comprehensive

A fully comprehensive policy will give you the most protection for your own scooter. As well as covering it for fire and theft, it will also be covered for any accidents, even those where you’re at fault.

Additional cover

As well as the main types of cover mentioned above, you can also get additional types of cover added to your policy. This includes things like helmet and leather cover, personal injury, breakdown assistance and legal expenses.

Did you know?

Even though scooters are more powerful than mopeds, they’re still more affordable to insure than a lot of other types of motorbikes.

Scooter insurance FAQs

How much will scooter insurance cost?

  • The engine size of your scooter
  • Where you keep it
  • Your age and riding experience
  • Your claims history
  • Where you live
  • The value of your scooter

Are there any ways to save money on scooter insurance?

Yes, some good ways include –

  • Increase excess – Excess is the amount you’d pay in the event of a claim. You can increase this amount if you want to lower what you pay each month.
  • Limit policy options – Another way to save money is by limiting policy options. A basic TPO policy will cost less than a fully comprehensive policy with multiple extras.
  • Park securely – Unfortunately, motorcycle theft is very common in the UK, so it’s essential to park your scooter securely when you’re not using it. If you have a garage to keep it in overnight, then this is ideal and will help to lower the cost of your premium significantly.
  • Get multiple quotes – Getting quotes from different insurance providers is always recommended and can help you to save a lot on scooter insurance.

Are e-scooters the same as scooters?

Not really. Although they share the same name, scooters and e-scooters are very different modes of transport. E-scooters are classed as Personal Light Electric Vehicles and make use of an electric motor rather than an engine. You also cannot ride them on roads like a traditional scooter.

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