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From the village chippy to a late-night kebab, takeaway shops carry a number of risks so protecting against the unexpected is vital. So, whether you need cover for your takeaway shop, a food stall or vehicles, the panel of expert insurance providers will help you make you get the right takeaway insurance cover.

Types of cover available include –

  • Building insurance
  • Public liability cover
  • Loss of income
  • Vandalism

Benefits of getting quotes online include:

  • Easy quotes
  • Highly tailored policies
  • Instant documentation

Business types the panel can provide insurance cover for include:

  • Chinese Takeaway
  • Indian Takeaway
  • Fish and chips Takeaway
  • Pizza Takeaway
  • Southern Fried Chicken Shop
  • Kebab Shop Takeaway
  • Thai Takeaway
  • Burger Takeaway
  • Sushi Takeaway
  • Italian Takeaway

Did you know?

You can protect your business from liability claims from both employees and customers with a takeaway insurance policy

Types of takeaway insurance

  • Building insurance – Building insurance is vital when you run a takeaway. You might already have building insurance in place with another provider but if not you’re able to get cover for structural damage to your building included as part of a takeaway insurance policy.
  • Cash on premises – Running a takeaway means you’re going to have cash on your premises. Unfortunately this can put you at risk of being targeted by thieves. Having cash on premises cover included in your policy means you’ll be compensated if your shop was robbed.
  • Public liability – Public liability insurance is essential for takeaway shops. If a customer or member of public were to be injured or killed in your premises then it could result in a liability claim. This is particularly true when there’s clear blame, for example if someone slipped on a wet floor that wasn’t marked. You can choose how much public liability cover you’d like to have included in your policy.
  • Employers’ liability – If you have employees, whether they’re part-time or full-time, you’re legally obligated to have employers’ liability insurance. This will ensure that you are able to pay out if a liability claims went against your business. You can also have legal expenses included for both public and employers’ liability insurance. This is a very useful cover to have if you decide to fight a liability claim in court.
  • Loss of income – If your shop was broken into or suffered fire damage, then you might not be able to operate for a period of time. Loss of income will ensure that you continue to receive your business income during this period.
  • Vandalism – Vandalism might be covered as part of building insurance with some insurance providers and this is definitely worth finding out. If not you can get it included as an additional type of cover.

Did you know?

Getting quotes from a lot of different insurance providers is one of the best ways you can save money on takeaway insurance.

Ways you can save money on takeaway insurance

  • Pay annually – If you’re able to pay for your takeaway insurance policy annually rather than monthly then you can make a good saving with most providers. This might not always be affordable but it is a very good way to instantly cut the price of your policy.
  • Make your shop secure – Another very reliable way to cut the cost of your insurance is to make your shop as secure as possible. Taking steps to make the front of your shop secure is always important for takeaway businesses. You should also think about installing CCTV and security lighting. Anything that will reduce the chance of theft and vandalism will help to lower the cost of your insurance.
  • Increase excess – This is somewhat of a risk way to lower the cost of takeaway insurance since you would have to pay more when making a claim. However if you’re happy to take this risk then you can lower your monthly payments by doing this.
  • Get a lot of quotes – Getting quotes from a lot of different insurance providers is a very good way to save money on takeaway
  • insurance. Thankfully it’s now very easy to get a lot of quotes so this is certainly a step you should always take when you want to save money.

Did you know?

You can have legal expenses included in a takeaway insurance policy. This will help you to fight liability claims from both the public and employees.

Benefits of getting quotes online

  • Easily amend your cover – When getting quotes online, you can easily add and remove cover options as you need. This is usually as simple as checking or unchecking a box. This is very useful and allows you to get the exact level of cover that’s right for your business.
  • Pressure-free quotes – There is also no pressure when getting quotes online. When contacting insurance providers by phone, you might feel pressured to take out a particular policy. This is not the case when seeking cover online.
  • Save time and money – Getting quotes online is very quick and easy. This means you not only save time but could also save a good deal of money to. Having a lot of quotes to compare means you don’t have to simply take out a policy with the first insurance provider you get in touch with.

Get quotes for takeaway insurance now

Getting takeaway insurance quotes is easier than ever. To get tailored quotes from a panel of expert providers, all you have to do is click the green button below. Once you’ve provided the necessary information, you’ll then have access to your quotes to choose from.

Takeaway Insurance FAQs

How much does takeaway insurance cost?

The cost of a takeaway insurance policy will vary depending on a few significant factors. These include –
  • Where your shop is located
  • The value of the building
  • How many employees you have
  • The level of cover you take out
  • How you pay for your policy

Am I eligible for takeaway insurance?

In order to get a takeaway insurance policy you will of course need to have your own shop. In addition to this you’ll want to make sure your business is properly licensed to sell food in the UK

What types of cover are most important under a takeaway insurance policy?

There are quite a few types of cover you can have included in a takeaway insurance policy but arguably the most important is cover for liability claims and building insurance. These two types of cover could potentially save you a lot of money and even save your business. For example if your shop burned down and you didn’t have building insurance then it’d be disastrous.

Do I need takeaway insurance cover?

Yes. You’re required by law to have liability cover in place when you have employees. You’ll also want to get cover to protect other aspects of your business, such as your shop itself. You would not be able to run a takeaway legally or with peace of mind if you didn’t have the right cover.