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Touring Caravan Insurance

Get cover for your touring or static caravan from specialist providers.

Clean Green Compare can help you find the right policy for your caravan. Click the green button to get caravan insurance quotes now. 

Cover can include:

  • Accidental damage
  • Liability claims
  • Contents cover
  • Replacement trailer
  • Breakdown recovery
  • European cover

Touring caravan insurance cover options

  • Accidental damage – You can also get cover for accidental damage for a touring caravan.
  • Fire and theft – Fire and theft is always a risk when you have a touring caravan so it’s certainly worth getting it covered as part of your policy.
  • Contents insurance – A lot of people like to travel with expensive electronics these days, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. This can unfortunately attract thieves so it’s a good idea to protect your contents with this type of cover.
  • New for old – You can have your caravan replaced by a suitable model providing it’s in the correct age range.
  • EU cover – If you want to take your caravan outside the country then you’ll need to get European cover included in the policy.

Cover is available for almost all caravan manufacturers including:

  • Abbey Caravans
  • Abi Caravans
  • Ace Caravans
  • Adria Caravans
  • Airstream Caravans
  • Alaria Caravans
  • Avondale Caravans
  • Bailey Caravans
  • Bessacarr Caravans
  • Buccaneer Caravans
  • Burstner Caravans
  • Camplet Caravans
  • Caravelair Caravans
  • Carlight Caravans
  • Castleton Caravans
  • Coachman Caravans
  • Compass Caravans
  • Conway Caravans
  • Cotswold Caravans
  • Cristall Caravans
  • Crown Caravans
  • Dandy Caravans
  • Dethleffs Caravans
  • Elddis Caravans
  • Eriba Caravans
  • Esterel Caravans
  • Eterniti Caravans
  • EuroCruiser Caravans
  • Fendt Caravans
  • Fifth Wheel Co Caravans
  • Fleetwood Caravans
  • Fleurette Caravans
  • Freedom Caravans
  • Geist Caravans
  • Gobur Caravans
  • Herald Caravans
  • Hobby Caravans
  • Hymer Caravans
  • Knaus Caravans
  • LMC Caravans
  • Lunar Caravans
  • Mardon Caravans
  • MotoTrek Caravans
  • Pennine Caravans
  • Rapido Caravans
  • Rimor Caravans
  • Silverline Caravans
  • Sprite Caravans
  • Stealth Caravans
  • Sterckeman Caravans
  • Sterling Caravans
  • Sunncamp Caravans
  • Swift Caravans
  • Tab Caravans
  • Tabbert Caravans
  • Tec Caravans
  • Trigano Caravans
  • Vanmaster Caravans
  • Vanroyce Caravans
  • Venus Caravans
  • Weinsberg Caravans
  • Wheelhome Caravans
  • Xplore Caravans

How to make your caravan secure

  • Install an alarm – A good alarm system is highly recommended when you have a touring caravan. Unfortunately caravans can be targeted by thieves due to their high value. An alarm will certainly help to make your caravan more secure. If your caravan has an alarm then it’s a good idea to put a sticker on the outside of your vehicle to let people know as this in itself can be an excellent deterrent.
  • Use a tracker – A GPS tracking device is a great way to make your caravan more secure as you know that you’d be able to locate your caravan if it were stolen.
  • Install a hitch lock – A hitch lock is a very useful anti-theft device as it will prevent your caravan from being towed by another vehicle.
  • Install a window locks – Window locks will help to make your caravan more secure by preventing thieves from gaining entrance to it through the windows.
  • Use wheel clamps – If you’re planning to be in one area for a while then using wheel clamps is an excellent way to deter any would be thieves from trying to take it.

How to save money on touring caravan insurance

  • Make your caravan secure – Taking any steps you can to make your caravan more secure will certainly help to reduce the cost of a caravan insurance policy. In addition to installing security devices such as an alarm, window locks and a hitch lock, you should also take steps such as removing any valuable items from your caravan in order to deter thieves.
  • Pay for the policy upfront – If you can afford to pay for your policy annually rather than monthly then this is a very good way to save money even if doesn’t seem like it at first. Although you’ll certainly pay more in one lump sum, the fact that you’re doing this means insurance providers will offer you a considerable discount on the overall cost.
  • Increase excess – Excess is the amount you would have to pay if you made a claim on your policy. By increasing the excess amount you can reduce the premium payments. This doesn’t appeal to everybody but it is a reliable way to keep initial costs down.
  • Keep it somewhere safe – Where your caravan is parked when you’re not using it will certainly have an effect on the cost of insurance. Although you’ll still be able to get cover if you park your caravan on the street, you’ll pay less if you have a driveway where you can keep it, or ideally a locked garage.
  • Get a lot of quotes – Getting quotes from different insurance providers is a very good way to save money on caravan insurance. Having a lot of quotes will enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to which policy you take out.
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You can adjust your policy options so that you get cover that’s affordable yet includes the cover you need.

Get touring caravan insurance quotes from specialist providers

Getting a lot of quotes for caravan insurance used to be a hassle. Thankfully this is no longer the case. You can now get quotes from specialist providers in just minutes.

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Touring Caravan Insurance FAQ

Does my car insurance policy cover my caravan?

Since a touring caravan is essentially a trailer, it could be easy to assume that your car insurance policy would cover it. However, this usually isn’t the case since there are many other things other than just road accidents that you need to protect against when you have a touring caravan. Things like contents, accidental damage, fire and theft are usually not covered under a car insurance policy.

Will the contents of my caravan be covered under the policy?

You can certainly have contents cover included in a caravan insurance policy. It will help to protect contents such as TVs, electronics, gas bottles and other kinds of personal contents.

Can I get caravan insurance cover for outside the UK?

Yes. You can get European cover included in a touring caravan insurance policy. With a lot of providers this will provide you with enough cover for a 90 day trip to Europe.

What types of caravan insurance are available?

You can get cover for many different risks with a touring caravan insurance policy, including things like –

  • Accidental damage
  • Replacement trailer
  • Breakdown recovery
  • EU cover

Can anyone tow my caravan under my caravan insurance policy?

Generally anyone who is of legal driving age and has a full UK driving licence will be able to tow the caravan. However this can vary with some insurance providers and some may require people who tow the caravan to have taken the Car and Trailer Practical Test in order for cover to be provided. You should check with your provider if you’re unsure.

How much does caravan insurance cover cost?

The price of a caravan insurance policy will depend on a few factors. These are:

  • How often you use it
  • How secure the caravan is
  • How you use it
  • The level of cover taken out

Can my touring caravan policy be extended for trips to Europe after Brexit?

As long as you have contacted your insurer and extended cover accordingly, our panel of expert insurance providers can cover your caravan for accidental damage whilst you’re travelling in Europe.

If I store my caravan abroad, will it sill be covered after Brexit?

If you’re a resident of the UK, providing you have European cover, you can continue to store your caravan abroad.

Can I insure my permanently sited touring caravan?

Yes – if you rarely tow your caravan, it’s important that you aren’t paying the same amount as someone who does. This is why the panel of expert caravan insurance can tailored to your specific needs.

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