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Get the right level of protection for your classic car.

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Many types of cover available, including:

  • Road risks
  • Agreed valuation
  • EU cover
  • Breakdown assistance

Getting classic car insurance quotes online is:

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Pressure-free

Did you know?

You can get an agreed valuation policy so you know the full value of your vehicle is covered.

Types of classic car insurance

  • Road risks – Road risks is a key part of any type of motor insurance policy. You can choose from the usual types of cover with classic car insurance i.e third party only; third party, fire and theft; or a fully comprehensive policy. Due to classic cars usually being rare and high value, a comprehensive policy is recommended if possible.
  • Agreed valuation – Agreed valuation policies are very useful for classic car owners. They will pay out an amount that you and your insurance provider have agreed on beforehand should the car be written off or stolen.
  • Limited mileage policy – If you only use your classic car on rare occasions then you can get a limited mileage policy. This is where you agree with your insurance provider to stay under a given number of miles per year.
  • EU cover – If you plan to take your classic car overseas then you’ll need to get EU cover. The majority of classic car insurance providers will give you the option of adding EU cover to your policy.
  • Breakdown assistance – If you were to breakdown while driving your classic car then you want to know that you’ll get back on the road as soon as possible. If you don’t already have breakdown cover in place then you can get it added to a classic car policy as an extra.

Reasons to get classic car insurance quotes online

  • Fast quotes – Getting classic car insurance quotes online is incredibly quick and simple. It’s simply a matter of filling out a quote form that states the level of cover you want and you then have access to quotes from many classic car insurance specialists.
  • No pressure – Another big bonus of getting quotes online is that you don’t have to deal with any pressure. When contacting insurance providers by phone you might feel under pressure to take out a particular policy but online you can simply look through your quotes at your leisure and make a pressure-free decision.
  • Instant cover – As soon as you make the first payment on your classic car policy, you’ll be covered immediately and be sent your documents via email and post.

Did you know?

When getting quotes online you don’t have to deal with any pressure from insurance providers.

Saving money on classic car insurance

  • Park your car securely – One of the best ways to keep the cost of classic car insurance down is by having somewhere safe to park your car. A locked garage would be ideal as this serves as the best deterrent to thieves and vandals. If you park your classic car on the road then you can expect to pay more for your cover since it’s at more risk of being stolen or vandalized.
  • Get a limited mileage policy – Getting a limited mileage policy is another excellent way to save money on classic car insurance. Because you drive your vehicle less often it means that it’s less likely you’ll need to make a claim on the policy and therefore insurance providers can offer you cover at a lower rate.
  • Pay annually – Paying for classic car insurance is usually done monthly via direct debit. Although this certainly makes sense in that you can spread the cost, by paying annually instead you’ll be able to make a good saving. Most insurance providers will offer significant discounts to customers who pay annually so it’s definitely worth considering this option if you can afford it.
  • Get a lot of quotes – Getting quotes from a lot of different insurance providers is another excellent way to save money on classic car insurance. The quotes you get can vary a lot in price from insurance provider to the next so if you want to make sure you get the best deal and don’t overspend on your cover then it’s definitely recommended to do this.

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Classic Car Insurance FAQs

Can I insure my classic car under a regular car insurance policy?

You might assume that you can just get a regular car insurance policy for your classic car but this often isn’t the case. The main reason for this is that insurance providers consider classic cars to be higher risk. Classic cars generally cost more to repair and often don’t have a set market value so getting cover from a specialist provider is the way to go. Every car in the UK needs to have insurance in place to be road legal so make sure you get cover for your vehicle, even if you only use it on rare occasions.

What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is a type of cover for cars that are no longer being manufactured and don’t have a set market value. It will cover you for things like road risks, breakdowns, theft and damage.