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Motor Fleet Insurance

Types of motor fleet insurance

  • For families – If you have a family that has multiple vehicles and you’d like to insure them together then you can easily do this by getting a family fleet insurance policy. This can be very useful when you have young kids who might struggle to get their own cover at a reasonable rate.
  • For individuals – If you have a car collection then you’ll certainly want to make sure it’s protected. Insuring your vehicles together often works out cheaper than getting separate policies.
  • For businesses – Any businesses that make use of multiple vehicles can benefit from getting fleet insurance. A big benefit of fleet insurance for businesses is that you’re able to insure different types of vehicles together.

Motor fleet insurance cover options

  • Third party only – A third party only policy is the lowest level of fleet insurance you can get. It will make your vehicles road legal but will not provide any protection for them unless you get fire and theft included.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy includes cover fire, theft and all types of collisions, even those that your drivers are liable for.
  • Liability claims – Liability claims are always something that business owners need to be wary of, especially those that have a large number of vehicles and drivers. Public liability insurance can also include legal fees.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is another useful additional type of cover you can have included in your policy.

Benefits of fleet insurance

  • Save time – Getting your vehicles insured as a fleet certainly makes it easier to deal with paperwork since you don’t need to keep the details of separate policies for each of your vehicles. This is a particularly useful benefit for businesses that have a large number of vehicles.
  • Save money – Getting a fleet insurance policy often ends up being cheaper than getting separate policies too.

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