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Car Hire Fleet Insurance – A Quick Guide

If you run a car hire service then it’s vital that you get the right type of cover. Below is an explanation of the types of cover you can get as well as the factors that affect the cost of a policy.

Types of fleet insurance cover

  • Unlimited hires and mileage – This type of cover enables you to hire out your vehicles to customers and ensure that they’re covered in all circumstances. This is an ideal type of cover for car hire companies since it’s very flexible.
  • Theft by hirer – As the name suggests, this type of cover will protect you if a customer does not return the vehicle.
  • European cover – European cover is available if a customer wants to take their car overseas.
  • Windscreen repair – Windscreen repair is a very useful additional type of cover that you can have included in your policy.
  • Breakdowns – Breakdown recovery can also be included in a fleet policy for an additional cost.

Types of vehicles that can be covered

Below are some of the types of vehicles you can get covered on a car hire fleet insurance policy.

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • MPVs
  • Minibuses
  • Motorhomes
  • Taxis

Factors that affect the cost of fleet insurance

  • How secure your premises is- When you have a lot of cars being stored together, it’s essential that you take any steps you can to keep them secure. This helps to prevent the chance of theft and vandalism as well as lowering the cost of your insurance.
  • The value of your vehicles – Your vehicles will have a combined value and this will be taken into account when insurance providers are coming up with a price for your policy.
  • Level of cover taken out – The level of cover you take out will also affect how much you pay for a fleet policy. If you get a bare bones policy then it will cost less than one that includes cover for a lot of risks.
  • The number of cars you have to insure – The total number of cars you have to insure will also affect how much you pay.

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