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Taxi Fleet Insurance Explained

Did you know?

Fleet insurance is an incredibly convenient and cost effective way to insure multiple vehicles. You don’t have to keep track of multiple policies and usually save a significant amount of money compared to insuring the vehicles individually.

Types of taxi fleet insurance

Below are some of the main types of taxi fleet insurance you can get.

  • Road risks – Whether you’re insuring public or private hire vehicles, you’ll need to get cover for road risks at a minimum. This means getting a third party only policy at least. If you want more protection for your own vehicles then you can get a comprehensive policy.
  • Public liability – Liability claims from members of the public are something that taxi firms always need to be prepared for so getting public liability insurance is strongly recommended.
  • Employer’s liability – In addition to getting cover for liability claims that come from the public you can also get cover to protect you from claims that come from your own employees.
  • Legal expenses – Fighting liability claims can be very costly, which is why fleet owners often choose to have legal expenses included in their insurance.
  • Breakdowns – You can also get cover for breakdowns included in a taxi fleet policy for an additional cost.

Did you know?

One of the main benefits of getting taxi fleet insurance quotes online is that you can easily compare them and choose the policy that offers the best value for money.

The things that affect the cost of taxi fleet insurance

  • Value of vehicles – The value of the vehicles in your fleet will certainly affect how much you pay for your taxi insurance. This is why many taxi firms choose to get vehicles that are affordable, reliable and practical rather than flashier vehicles that cost more to insure.
  • Types of vehicles – The types of vehicles you have in your fleet will also affect the cost of your insurance. Larger, more powerful vehicles will typically cost more to insure. Some taxi firms are now going electric in order to help keep the costs of insurance down.
  • Named drivers – The named drivers on the policy will also affect how much you pay. Low risk drivers cost considerably less to insure. A low risk driver is one who is over 25, has a good amount of driving experience and who has a clean criminal record.
  • Level of cover – The level of cover you get will also affect how much you pay for cover. A basic third party policy works out the cheapest with more insurance options bumping up the price.
  • Insurance provider – The insurance provider who’s offering the quote will also affect the cost. This is why it’s always important to get a lot of quotes if you want to get the best deal.

Did you know?

With the taxi fleet insurance average cost rising all the time, you can save money on your taxi fleet insurance in several ways. Getting a lot of quotes is always a great start but you can also take steps such as increasing the excess on the policy and paying upfront on an annual basis rather than monthly.

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