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If you own a fleet of coaches or buses then you need to get the right cover. Click the green button to get a quote from the panel of expert coach and bus fleet insurance providers.

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An Overview of Coaches and Buses Fleet Insurance

If you run a bus or coach company then you’ll need to insure your vehicles to make them road legal and protect your business from risks such as liability claims. Fleet insurance enables you to insure all your vehicles together under one policy.

Fleet insurance cover options

  • Road risks – Road risks is the minimum type of cover you’ll find on any fleet insurance policy. It will ensure that your coaches/buses can be driven legally and provide protection for other road users at minimum in the case of a third party policy.
  • Public liability – Liability claims are more common now than ever so it’s always wise to get cover included in a fleet policy.
  • Employer’s liability – Liability claims can also come from your own drivers, which you can also get cover for.
  • Legal expenses – Fighting a liability claim, whether it comes from one of your employees or an outside party, can be very expensive. Many people therefore choose to have legal expenses included in their policy.
  • Breakdowns – If one of your vehicles breaks down you can ensure it’s back on the road quickly by having breaking cover included in your policy.

Why get motor fleet cover online?

  • Get the exact type of policy you want – When getting fleet insurance quotes online, it’s very easy to add or remove cover options to your policy. This is perfect when you’re very specific about the level of cover that you need.
  • Save time when getting quotes – Another big advantage to getting quotes online is that you are able to obtain them very easily, especially when compared to contacting different insurance providers individually by phone.
  • A pressure-free experience – When getting quotes online you’re able to do so in a pressure-free environment. This isn’t always the case on the phone where you might feel obligated to take out a policy even if you’re not 100% sure about it.

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