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  • Toxic, explosive or inflammable goods
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  • Breakdown assistance

Company fleet cover options

  • Road risks – You’ll certainly need to get cover for road risks at a minimum when taking out a company fleet policy. You choose what level of cover you want based on your budget/preferences. You can pick from third party only; third party, fire and theft; and fully comprehensive cover.
  • Goods in transit – If your vehicles are used for transporting goods then you’ll certainly want to get goods in transit cover to ensure that if any of the goods your company transports were damaged or stolen, you’d be fully compensated.
  • Public liability – You can also get cover for liability claims included in a company fleet policy.
  • Legal fees – In addition to getting cover for liability claims, you can also have legal expenses covered in your policy. This is a very useful type of cover since fighting liability claims can get very expensive.
  • Breakdowns – You can get breakdown assistance included in a company fleet policy for an additional fee.

Ways you can cut down costs on company fleet insurance

  • Make your premises secure – If you want to save money on company fleet insurance then you have to be able to show insurance providers that your vehicles are safe when not in use. This means making your premises as secure as possible. Taking steps such as installing security lights, an alarm and CCTV will all help to make your premises, and therefore vehicles, more secure.
  • Make your vehicles secure – In addition to making your premises secure, you should also take any steps you can to make your vehicles secure too. Installing tracking devices is never a bad idea as it will make it much more likely that you’re able to track a vehicle if it’s stolen.
  • Hire low risk drivers – Another way to lower the cost of a company fleet insurance policy is to hire drivers who insurance providers consider to be low risk. This typically means drivers who are over the age of 25, have a good amount of driving experience with the type of vehicles you’re insuring and who have no driving or criminal convictions.

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