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  • Cover For All Types of Vehicles
  • Employers & Public Liability Insurance
  • Contents Cover
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Flexible Payment Options
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Building/Construction Motor Fleet Cover options

  • Third party – Third party insurance will make all your vehicles road legal since it provides cover for other road users’ in the event that one of your drivers is at fault for a collision. If you want an extra level of protection then you can add fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy will provide the most protection for your vehicles and will cover them even for collisions that one of your employees is responsible for. Contents cover – If you transport expensive tools or equipment in your vehicles then getting contents cover is a very wise choice since it will cover the contents of your vehicles for theft and damage.
  • Public liability – Public liability insurance will provide cover if you were to lose a liability claim.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance can also be added as an additional type of cover to a fleet policy.

Why get Fleet Insurance cover online?

Below are some of the main benefits of getting cover online

  • ·Get quotes easily – >A big benefit of looking for fleet cover online is that it simplifies the process of getting quotes. Getting a lot of quotes is an excellent way to ensure you get the best deal so being able to get them in a quick and easy manner is a big plus.
  • Easily amend your policy – Another advantage of getting cover online is that it’s very easy to amend your policy. Usually it’s simply a case of checking a box if you want to add or remove a particular cover option.
  • No pressure – There’s also no pressure when looking for quotes online. You simply get your quotes and choose the one that’s best for you

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