If you or your family own two or more vehicles then you can save a great deal of time and money by insuring them all under one family fleet insurance policy.

  • Third party – Third party cover makes your vehicles legal to drive although it only provides protection for third parties in accidents that you’re liable for. This is the cheapest option available.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive cover will provide the most protection is always recommended where possible. It will cover the named vehicles for all types of collisions, even when you or your family are at fault.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is a very useful type of additional cover that nearly all insurance providers offer.
  • European cover – If you want to drive your vehicles outside of the country then you’ll need to add European cover for full protection.

The Benefits of Family Fleet Insurance

Family fleet insurance enables you to get all the benefits of a regular car insurance policy whilst saving the time and effort of insuring your vehicles individually.

There are many providers of family fleet insurance online but before you get your quotes it’s a good idea to look through the information on this page so you’re aware of the types of cover you can get and also find out some great ways to save money.

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Each family member keeps their own no claims bonus
  • Highly tailored policies
  • Expert advice
  • Easy claims process
  • Instant cover and documentation
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Car insurance is often very expensive for younger drivers. Getting a family fleet policy can be an excellent way to make insurance more affordable for your kids.[/info_box]

Saving Money

  • Pay annually – If you can pay for the policy on an annual rather than monthly basis then you usually stand to make a saving on the overall cost.
  • Limit number of named drivers – The fewer named drivers you have on your vehicles, the lower the cost of your premium.
  • Secure your vehicles – You should make every effort to secure your vehicles and also ensure they’re securely parked at all times. Ideally, there would be enough garage space for all the vehicles named in your policy.
  • Get multiple quotes – This should be a no-brainer. Getting multiple quotes is the most reliable way to save money on family fleet insurance so it’s always recommended to do this.

Get Quotes Easily

If you want to get tailored quotes from a panel of family fleet insurance specialists then you’re in the right place. Getting multiple quotes in the past would have meant contacting different insurance providers one by one and haggling to get the best price. Now it’s simply a matter of clicking a button.

When you click the green button below, you’ll be taken to the quote form page. After providing some information about your vehicles and the named drivers, you’ll then be sent quotes from numerous family fleet insurance providers directly. All you have to do is pick

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You can tailor your policy to include the cover options you require and it’s possible to get a policy that covers as few as 2 vehicles.[/info_box]

Family Fleet Car Insurance

There are many families these days who own multiple vehicles and when it comes to insurance this can add up to a pretty penny, and somewhat complicated if you insure them all separately. Family fleet insurance is exactly what the name suggests; insuring all the vehicles on one policy. Our satisfied customers tell us that this has made life so much simpler as they only have to deal with one set of paperwork as opposed to half a rain forest. If you are a family who owns several vehicles and dreads the day all the renewal notices arrive the following are just some of the reasons you should seriously consider taking family fleet insurance.

Custom made to suit all your Families Needs

The chances are that your families vehicles will be vast and varied. This means you may also want different levels of cover and some will want extras that others don’t. This is why the panel highly tailor every policy they sell to ensure that every one of the vehicles in your family has exactly the right level of cover you require and nothing has been added on and nothing missed out.

Compare your Family Fleet Insurance quotes easily

You will be surprised just how many brokers offer family fleet insurance, and the fact you can view all your quotes together is a great help. You can see the the different premium costs, the excess to get that price and all the info to allow you to narrow down the field before choosing the companies you are most interested in.

Saving you both time and money on Family Fleet Insurance

We do the donkey work for you by bringing all the best companies offering family fleet insurance to one place which saves loads of time compared to searching them all yourselves. We work with some of the biggest names in the business to bring you the best deals possible, and once you have decided which company to go with you can rest assured that you have the best deal possible.

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There are several ways to save money on family fleet insurance. These include parking your vehicle securely, paying for the policy annually and keeping the cover options to a minimum.[/info_box]

Easy payment options for family fleet car insurance

Do you want to pay for your family fleet insurance all in one go or do you want to make it more affordable on some family members pockets by spreading the cost over the year? The insurance providers usually offer these options on most policies, making it easier for everyone to choose how they want to pay.

Online Documentation

Once you have selected your policy and made your payment your documents usually arrive in your inbox within seconds. This gives you time to look over them and make sure everything is as it should be. Then its simply a case of printing them off, if you want to, so you always have them to hand.