If you run a business that relies on the use of vehicles then you’ll know how important it is to have them properly insured.

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  • Fully Comprehensive – When vehicles are being used for commercial purposes it’s always a good idea to get comprehensive cover. This means that if any of your drivers are involved in an accident, your vehicles will be covered whether they’re liable or not.
  • Vandalism – Vehicles can very easily be vandalised when they’re not in use. The damage can often be very expensive to repair so having this included in your policy gives you full peace of mind.
  • Contents Cover – If your vehicles are used for transporting goods, then contents cover is always a good idea, especially if the contents are extremely valuable.
  • Breakdown Assistance – Most insurance providers will offer a breakdown service at a very competitive price.
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There are many factors that affect the cost of fleet insurance, including the type of vehicles being insured, the number of vehicles in the fleet and the security of your premises.[/info_box]

Commercial Fleet Insurance – What you need to know

The reality is that the more vehicles you own, the more risk there is of damage and theft. You cannot be complacent when it comes to these risks so getting a good insurance policy in place is essential. Finding fleet insurance quotes online is now very easy so there’s no reason you cannot get cover at an affordable price. Below is an explanation of the cover options that are available as well as ways to save money on your commercial fleet insurance.

Motor Fleet Cover Options

There are certain key factors that insurance providers use when calculating the cost of a commercial fleet insurance policy. These include –

  • The value of the vehicles
  • Age and experience of named drivers
  • The number of vehicles in the fleet
  • The level of cover taken out
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Commercial fleet insurance can be adjusted to include only the level of cover you require. You can easily add or remove cover options as needed when getting your quotes[/info_box]

Saving Money on your Fleet Cover

There are some very reliable ways that you can save money on commercial fleet insurance. These include –

  • Be selective with your drivers
  • Pay for your policy annually rather than monthly
  • Look online for special discounts
  • Get multiple quotes

Get Fleet Insurance Quotes Now

Getting multiple fleet cover quotes is one of the best ways to save money on commercial fleet insurance. Doing this enables you to get a true feel for what you should be paying. Once you have the quotes you can then select the insurance provider who offers you the best deal on a policy. There was a time when you would have had to call insurance providers separately to get quotes. Luckily this is no longer the case and you can get all your quotes from one place. By clicking the red button below you’ll be taken to the quote form where after filling out some information, you will have access to quotes from a panel of commercial fleet insurance specialists.

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There are several reliable ways to save money on commercial fleet insurance, such as paying for the policy annually, increasing the excess and of course, getting a lot of quotes.[/info_box]

Check Out our Commercial Fleet Insurance

Commercial fleet insurance is far and away the best way to insure all the vehicles you use in your business. One policy covering all those vehicles makes it not only cost effective but you only have one policy to deal with as opposed to reams of paperwork. The insurance providers we work with offer all level of insurance from third party only through to fully comprehensive. If you have been with the same insurer for a while, or are looking to combine all your vehicles onto one commercial fleet policy the following are just some of the reasons why are one of the best comparison sites in the UK.

Tailor made policies for fleet insurance for commercial vehicles

Every business that operates a fleet of commercial vehicles has different needs depending on the side of their fleet and its usage. We provide access to tailor made policies to ensure every one of our customers doesn’t pay for anything they don’t want or need and nothing is missed off that you do require. The one commercial fleet insurance policy fits all ethos doesn’t exist in our books.

Compare your quotes easily fleet insurance for commercial vehicles

When you get multiple quotes for your commercial insurance for your fleet you want to see them all listed in front of you on the screen to enable you to make an informed choice. The system is second to none in both terms of speed and ease of use. You answer our quick questions, the quotes appear on your screen instantly and you click on those you are most interested in. Quick, simple and incredibly straightforward.

Saving you both time and money on fleet insurance for commercial vehicles

Buying your commercial fleet insurance shouldn’t be a long drawn out, complicated process and ours has been designed to save you time and money. Our questions take a mere 30 seconds to answer and the quotes based on your answers appear instantly. You don’t want to mess about so we go out of your way to make sure you aren’t hanging around or having to keep check if your quotes have arrived by email.

Easy payment options

Depending on whether you are a start up or an established company you may not have the money in the kitty to pay for your insurance all at once. The panel of insurance providers offer multiple payment options on most policies giving you the freedom to choose whether you want to pay monthly or quarterly.

Documents for your commercial fleet policies arrive instantly

Most insurance providers offer instant documentation. Which means that as soon as payment is taken you receive your documents, it really is that simple.