How GPS Fleet Tracking Software can Help Cut Insurance Costs

Are you shopping for a GPS fleet tracking software program for your business to help cut company fleet insurance costs but don’t know what to look for? Answer the following questions to help you determine the best software for you.

1. What information about the driver and vehicle do you want to track?

2. Do you need to track just a few vehicles or do you have a large fleet of vehicles that you need to track?

How much do you want to invest upfront and how much are you willing to spend monthly for your tracking program?

Once you have answered these questions, you will be on your way to finding the best GPS fleet tracking software. Continue reading to learn more and then visit our page showing our top picks.

What is GPS fleet tracking software?

GPS fleet tracking software allows you to monitor your drivers and their vehicles while they are on the road from the comfort of your office. This software will keep you apprised of the condition of the vehicles as well as ensuring that your drivers are driving safely and responsibly.

How Does GPS Fleet Tracking Software Work?

GPS fleet tracking software works with the GPS hardware that is installed in your vehicles. GPS, or global positioning systems, track vehicles and their drivers using real-time data from satellites. The software keeps you up to date. This data is sent to you from the vehicle so you can stay up to date.

What Are Some of the Features of GPS Fleet Tracking Software?

Much like traditional GPS systems, the GPS fleet tracking software allows you to quickly locate all of your vehicles, give directions and set up routes for your drivers to follow. In addition to this, your GPS fleet tracking software monitors the conditions of your vehicles, including the average fuel consumption, maintenance or equipment issues that should be addressed and the mileage each vehicle travels. All of this information can help you lower the operating costs of your fleet.

GPS fleet tracking software also allows you to track your drivers’ behaviour to hold them accountable and keep them safe. The software alerts you to aggressive manoeuvres like hard braking, fast turns and speeding. In addition to this, it alerts you when your driver goes off-route, becomes idle and other information. If the data is held in the cloud ensure it’s secure.

The software allows you to schedule and dispatch your drivers, which will help to improve workflow in your company. This can help ensure your customers are happy. It provides you with accurate ETAs and makes sure that your drivers will arrive on time.

Finally, GPS fleet tracking software can track your driver’s driving times, attendance, and more. It will track any accidents and offers anti-theft service and roadside assistance.

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