7 Tips for Keeping your Fleet Safe and get Cheap Fleet Insurance

Are you looking for cheap fleet insurance? From the humble SME to the multi-national company the costs associated with running, maintaining and insuring a fleet of cars can be considerable, and with insurance premiums rising year upon year this latter point may become more of a sore point as the years go by and the annual increases hit bottom lines harder and deeper than ever before. So it pays to be informed when attempting to protect your fleet, whether you’re looking for van fleet insurance or any other type of fleet insurance. Here we have we seven tips to help you do just that.

Undertake frequent staff training

Staff training coupled with the implementation of safe driving policies can help remind your workforce of the all-too easy to fall into habits that can endanger them on the roads. This can include fatigue, driving whilst on a mobile and speeding.

Review the security of both your vehicles as well as the space in which they are kept

Your approach to vehicle safety should span both on-vehicle features, such as alarms, immobilisers & trackers, as well as the security of the premises or space in which they are kept. If this includes your fleet vehicles being off-site, such as where executives keep their cars at home overnight, then consider providing advice as to how they can improve the security of their garage or drive through CCTV, additional locks and home alarm systems.

Continually monitor and aim to improve upon your safety record

Fleet vehicles are generally on the road for far longer than those of private use vehicles and will consequently be involved in more incidents. Key to limiting the number of such incidents lies in an effective monitoring system where you can identify common causes and implement changes that can address them.

Don’t underestimate the importance (and legal requirements) for robust fleet car maintenance

Undertaking proper maintenance upon your fleet cars isn’t just a moral duty to the staff that use them, but actually a legal requirement.

You can also remind your staff of the duties of care that they have towards their fleet vehicles (such as checking their tyre tread, oil levels and tyre air pressure).

Beware the epidemic that are professional car insurance claimant criminals

You’re likely all too well aware of the problem of criminal car insurance claimants (this include fleet insurance as well), where crashes are deliberately caused through sudden breaking. To protect both your fleet cars as well as your staff you could consider installing on-board dash cams to record any crashes, should one take place.

Create and promote a safe driving culture within your workplace

A positive safety culture within your workplace can help drive down the number of incidents that your staff may be involved within. A positive attitude can also help your staff in their being able to approach you with any questions, queries or concerns that they may have about their fleet car, or how they can keep their vehicle safe. This will make for cheap fleet insurance.

Consider your staff safety with extensive research into the fleet vehicles that you purchase

The safety record of your fleet vehicles begins with the vehicle itself, so be sure to undertake research as to the ratings that cars provide for. Known as NCAP, these official ratings are based upon extensive testing and follow a five star rating format that indicates things such as the vehicle’s performance within an accident and how well they may protect the occupant(s).

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