5 things you need to know about fleet insurance

Few people actually realise how many things motor fleet insurance covers. It isn’t only for those large fleets of delivery vehicles that you see thundering up and down the UK’s motorways. It is a motor insurance that covers 3 or more vehicles on the same policy and can be both domestic or commercial. Here are what we believe to be the 5 main things you need to know about fleet insurance to allow you to make an informed decision as to whether it’s for you or not.

You can save money with fleet insurance if you have a multi car household

There will be many of you reading this now who have several cars in their family all insured separately. The savings you can make by putting these altogether on one family fleet insurance policy can be significant. They don’t have to be the same kind of vehicle either so if dad has a van, mum has an SUV and the kids have different vehicles they can still all be covered on the one policy.

Fleet insurance with an online quote can be applied to all multi vehicle businesses

Whether you run a small taxi fleet or a large fleet of delivery trucks you will save money with fleet insurance. The companies offering fleet insurance are effectively giving you a healthy discount for bringing all your vehicles to them and it’s so much easier when renewal time rolls around.

There isn’t a no claims bonus with online quoted fleet insurance

This is common sense to be honest as a no claims bonus on a fleet of vehicles is a logistical nightmare. What you will get is an claims experience report which works in much the same way as a no claims bonus in that a good one will bring you a discount on your policy when shopping around for the best deals.

Save time and money by only dealing with one company

Everybody dreads the moment when their renewal notice arrives, now imagine that for 5, 10 or 15 vehicles;nightmare! Companies are shedding money like autumn leaves by just renewing without looking as they simply don’t have the time to spend looking at each notice, never mind hunting for a better deal. Having all the vehicles on one policy makes life so much easier and should you wish to see if there is anything cheaper out there you have all the details you need on that one notice to do your search.

Policies can be tailor made to suit your fleet

There is no one size fits all policy as far as fleet insurance is concerned as they are tailor made to suit both you and your vehicles. For instance. Some of your vehicles may carry goods while others transport passengers. These will be included in your policy as well as everything else you want in there, and nothing you don’t want. The policy is very easy to read and lists each vehicle covered and the features applied to that vehicle and business owners greatly appreciate this simplicity.

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