How to Cut Your Car Fleet Insurance

If you are in the sort of business which has a fleet of cars on the road then that time of the year when it comes renewing your car fleet insurance is not going to be one you look forward to. This time around, instead of moaning about the cost this time but still coughing up, why not be proactive and see how you can actually cut the cost of your fleet insurance. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and here are our top tips for doing exactly that.

Review What Claims You Have Made on your Car Fleet Insurance

As renewal time approaches try and get together with your broker and have a look back over the claims you have made in the past year (fleet claims experience). This will help you target areas of vulnerability in order to tighten things up. This could be in areas such as a driver or driver being at fault who could benefit from more training or instruction. In short, the chances are you will see definite trends in your claims and be able to address at least some, if not all, of them.

Driver Training

When you have a fleet of cars or vehicles which are being driven by your employees you need to make sure that they are adept at what they do. You should only hire drivers who have impeccable driving histories. It is easy to get these from the DVLA site by punching in your licence number, so when holding interviews make bringing along a print out of their driving history one of the requirements.

Time for Some Tech

There are several pieces of technology you can install into your fleet vehicles which can see your fleet insurance premium drop and can even provide vital evidence in the case of an accident. Onboard cameras ans global system tracking are just 2 kinds of useful technology which are getting both better and affordable all the time. Others it may be worth looking at are collision warning devices, rear facing cameras and hi tech vehicle alarms.

Securing Your Fleet

It’s as important to consider your fleet when they are off the road as well as on it. A review of your security features when the vehicles aren’t in use can make a big difference to your premium. A location that provides secure parking is essential in order to protect yourself, and your pocket, against theft and vandalism. Spending the money on better fencing, locks and lighting could result in both lower premiums and less claims. If your employees take vehicles home check out where they are parked at night and stress to them how important 24/7 vehicle security is.

Only Have The Vehicles You Need

The bigger and more powerful a vehicle the more the insurance premium will be. Do you have vehicles sitting which aren’t being used to their full capacity or others that are hardly used at all? By only having the vehicles in your fleet that you actually need can make a massive difference to the cost of your fleet insurance or to get a quote.

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