5 Tips for Effective Fleet Management

If you manage a fleet of vehicles then you’ll know the challenges that comes with it. When managing a fleet of vehicles you want to do anything you can to make your life easier while making savings to improve the health of your business. Below are 5 great ways to do this.

1. Get the best cover possible

Getting a good fleet insurance policy is another essential aspect of managing a fleet successfully. There are many providers of fleet insurance so one of the most important things to do if you want to get the best deal you can is to get company fleet insurance quotes from as many insurers as you can. It’s very easy to do this now and it could save you a good deal of money.

2. Make a decision whether to buy or lease

One of the most important decisions you have to make regarding your fleet is whether to lease your vehicles or buy them outright. There are pros and cons to both approaches but it’s often more affordable to lease rather than buy outright, especially if you update the cars in your fleet regularly.

3. Take any steps you can to cut down on fuel expenditure

There are a couple of excellent ways to cut down fuel expenditure. The first is to invest in green car technology. If you don’t want to go purely electric fleet then there are some excellent hybrid models that will enable you to cut your fuel costs. The second way is to make sure the right vehicles are allocated to the right drivers. For example if you have a driver who regularly drivers the most miles then it makes sense to assign a vehicle with low fuel costs to them.

4. Consider extending your lease cycle to save money

One of the best ways to save money with your fleet is by extending the cycle of your leases. Longer leases usually means reduced monthly costs. Any ways to cut down monthly expenditure should be welcomed, especially with fleet management where you have maintenance and fuel costs to think about.

5. Invest in good fleet management software

In addition to finding ways you can save money, good fleet management also means staying on top of the vehicles in your inventory and making sure the proper paperwork is submitted for each of them. Luckily there are now some excellent fleet management programs to choose from that will make managing your fleet a much more streamlined process.



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