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A guide to electric motorcycle insurance

Electric motorcycles are very similar in looks and operation to standard petrol motorcycles. The key difference is that unlike a standard petrol motorcycle, electric motorcycles are powered by an electric motor and battery. If you own an electric motorcycle, or plan to in the near future, then you’ll need electric motorcycle insurance in order to make it road legal.

Below is a full guide to electric motorcycle insurance, including the types of cover you can get, the pros and cons of owning an electric motorcycle and the most frequently asked questions people have.

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Types of electric motorcycle insurance

Third party only 

Third party only insurance is the minimum level of cover you’ll need to make your motorcycle road legal. If you’re involved in accident that causes damage, injury etc. to third parties, then the costs will be covered. It doesn’t include any cover for your own vehicle.

Third party, fire and theft

This is the same as third party only as far as accidents go, but your bike will be covered for damage from fire and theft.

Fully comprehensive

Full comprehensive cover will provide full protection for your bike – as well as being covered for fire and theft, it will also be covered for any damage caused by collisions.

Did you know?

Electric motorcycles are very cheap to run and maintain. Charging costs are incredibly cheap and there’s minimal maintenance required.

Pros and cons of an electric motorcycle


  • No harmful emissions
  • Considerably cheaper to run when compared to a standard motorcycle
  • Government grant of up to £1,500 available
  • No road tax
  • A quiet and smooth driving experience
  • No clutch or gears to worry about
  • Minimal maintenance


  • Upfront costs can be high
  • Replacement battery costs
  • Insurance can be expensive (though is likely to come down)

Did you know?

Getting a lot of quotes is one of the best ways to save money on electric motorcycle insurance.

Popular models of electric motorcycles

  • Harley Davidson LiveWire
  • Zero SR/F
  • Energica Ego
  • Super Soco TC-Max
  • Energica Eva Ribelle
  • Cake Kalk INK
  • Vespa Electtrica
  • Sunra Miku Super

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