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Honda monkey bike insurance

A monkey bike is the name given to a series of motorcycles in the Honda Z series. Although small and not particularly powerful bikes, they are very popular and highly sought after. If you own a monkey bike, then you’ll want to protect it by taking out the right type of cover.

You can get monkey bike insurance quotes now by clicking the green button. If you’d first like to find out more about the types of cover you can get as well as some great ways to save money, then read below.

Did you know?

The monkey bike was first released by Honda in 1961.

Monkey bike insurance options

Some of the main cover options available with a monkey bike insurance policy are –

Third party only

Third party only cover is the minimum level you’ll need in order for your bike to be road legal. It won’t provide protection for your own bike, so if this is what you want, you’re better off getting a higher level of cover.

Third party, fire and theft

In addition to providing cover for third parties in an accident, this type of cover will also protect your own bike for fire and theft.

Fully comprehensive

A fully comprehensive policy will provide full protection for your bike, including accidents, fire and theft. As you might expect, a fully comprehensive policy costs significantly more than third party only cover.

Breakdown recovery

Breakdown recovery is a very useful additional type of cover to get. Most insurance providers will give you the option to have this added to your policy.

Did you know?

‘Monkey Bike’ is a nickname given to Honda’s Z series of bikes because of how small they are

Monkey bike insurance FAQs

What factors affect the cost of monkey bike insurance?

The main factors that will affect how much you pay for monkey bike insurance are –

  • Your location
  • The value of your bike
  • The level of cover you take out
  • Where your bike is stored
  • Your claims history
  • Your riding experience

Are there ways to save money?

Yes. some good ways to save money are –

  • Limit cover options – One of the easiest ways to save money on monkey bike insurance is simply taking out a lower level of cover. If you think third party only insurance is enough for your needs, then it can save you a lot of money compared to getting a more comprehensive policy.
  • Get multiple quotes – Another way to save money is by getting quotes from different insurance providers so you can easily compare them.
  • Pay upfront – You can also save money by paying for your policy on an annual basis rather than monthly. Even though you pay more upfront this way, most providers will give you a discount for doing so.

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