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Moped insurance guide

Mopeds provide an excellent way to travel in urban areas without the cost associated with a car, van or larger motorcycle. They’re generally very affordable to buy, run and insure.

Getting moped insurance at a reasonable price should not prove too difficult but you should still take steps to get the best deal possible. If you’d like to get quotes for moped insurance now, then simply click the green button below. You can find out more about getting the right type of cover as well as FAQs about moped insurance below.

Did you know?

Mopeds are one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to get around in an urban environment.

Getting the right type of cover for a moped

Some of the things to bear in mind when looking for moped insurance online are –

How much protection you want

When it comes to road risk insurance, you can choose from three types of policies – 1. Third party only 2. Third party, fire and theft. 3. Fully Comprehensive. Which you choose will depend on how much protection you want for your moped. A fully comprehensive policy will give you full protection while a third party only policy will only make your moped road legal but won’t provide any cover for your own vehicle.

Your budget

Your budget is another thing to think about. Although even fully comprehensive policies for mopeds are affordable in most cases, you can get cover cheaper if you opt for a third party only policy with no extras. You can opt for additional types of cover, such as breakdown assistance and overseas cover but these can add to your insurance costs quite a bit.

The insurance provider you choose

Which insurance providers to choose is also important. By getting multiple quotes, you’re able to make an informed decision based on price and the cover options available to you.

Did you know?

Because they’re safe and low power vehicles, mopeds are generally very cheap to insure compared to most other types of motorbikes.

Moped insurance FAQs

How much will moped insurance cost?

The cost of moped insurance depends on a few main things. These are –

  • Your age
  • Your riding experience
  • The value of your moped
  • Where your park your moped overnight
  • Where you live
  • How you use it

What is the cheapest cover option for a moped?

The cheapest cover option for mopeds is third party only. This will allow you to drive legally since other road users’ vehicles will be covered in case of an accident where you’re at fault.

Is moped insurance a requirement?

Yes. Mopeds are considered vehicles and therefore must be insured to drive legally on UK roads.

Are there any ways to save money on moped insurance?

Yes. As well as taking out a third party only policy, you can also make savings by –

  • Paying annually rather than monthly
  • Getting and looking through quotes from multiple providers
  • Making sure your moped is kept somewhere safe (ideally a locked garage)

Getting moped insurance quotes is incredibly easy

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