Beginners Guide to Motorhomes

Choosing the right motorhome

One of the most important decisions you need to make is getting the right type of motorhome. Motorhomes can vary in size significantly so you want to be completely sure that you are happy with the size of a motorhomoe before purchasing it. The best way to decide on the type of motorhome you want is by doing research based on size, price and features. Once you have a shortlist of models that you’re interested in, you can then choose to view them in person and test drive them. It’s always important to test drive a motorhome before purchasing so you can see if you’re happy with how it drives and the space inside.

Where to buy from

You won’t struggle to find places to buy new motorhomes from but for many people, this either out of their budget or they’d prefer to save money by buying pre-owned. If you do decide to buy a used motorhome then you’re usually better off going to a dealer, since you’ll be provided with a guarantee. Buying privately or from an auction will enable you to get the best price but it is somewhat risky if you’re a first-time buyer and aren’t sure what things to look for.

Where to visit

The UK is an excellent place to own a motorhome since there are many great camping sites and holiday parks to visit. It’s better to go local when you’re still getting used to your motorhome. Once you become more comfortable with your vehicle, you can then take it further afield. It’s possible to have European cover included in a motorhome insurance policy so you can even take your motorhome overseas when you’re comfortable enough.

Getting the right cover for your motorhome

When you own a motorhome, it’s essential that you get the right type of cover for it. A regular car insurance policy will not suffice. The greater size and value of motorhomes means you’ll need a special motorhome insurance policy to protect it. Motorhome insurance policies can be highly tailored to include all the protection you need, including cover accidents, breakdown and theft/loss of contents.

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