Motorhome Decoration And Furniture Tips

Motorhomes are places where many of us spend weeks of our year and so they should ideally be homely and nice to live in. We’ve compiled some great tips to give them a feeling of home (and dont forget to insure your motorhome and its contents to keep your investment safe).

Decorating Your Space

The truth of the matter is that many RVs have the same kind of dullish feel to them. This begs a question; what is it that RV decorators, that makes them think that everyone wants everything in a shade of brown? Did you know that adding a little accent of colour and splash could make a huge impact to indoor feel? Well, below are some ideas to consider:Decorating The Kitchen With Burgundy-Themed Cooking Accents

Through our gold, burgundy, and teal living room theme

The Pillows, Rugs And Covers – have you ever considered getting rid of the brown carpet and replacing them with a burgundy red in the living room and a sky blue in the bedroom. This worked wonders for me and I added a touch of gold and red pillow on the couch as well as later finish off the colour splashes with sure fit washable cloth cover on the dinette chairs. Even if you do not change the carpet, throw rugs can be a cheap, smart, easy and brilliant addition to the floor.

Décor And Pictures – as it is to everyone who has ever rented a house knows the importance of decoration. In other words, you know the pictures can make your space feel more like a home. For this reason, it is very important to put up several pictures and other decoration items.

Use Glass And Real China

If you use glass and real china it can help make the space seem warmer and cosier.

Home Made Glass Box – This is generally a kind of personal things. However, having a real china and glass in the RV does add a lot to your efforts. If you do package these properly, they will generally travel over any terrain and using these tips we have not had a single break in 2 years.

The Glasses – It is important to use wine boxes lining with foam to come up with a Cognac glass holder, champagne and custom wine. It is generally important to fit any type of glasses.

The Plates – When it comes to our plates we have lined up the cupboards with a non-slip liner. Then use non-slip plates separator between every items. You can get pre-packaged and cut versions at camping world or you can buy the whole roll of item at Walmart at an affordable cost.


Decoration is a very important thing today and it makes a person unique. Moreover, comfort is another thing people should consider anytime they are considering decorating the RV. Making your space as comfortable and also as tidy as possible helps.

Anytime you are decorating your home, it is very important to experiment on different things to achieve the best experience. The truth of the matter is that it may take a lot of job but in the end you will achieve what you are looking for.

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