Steps to Take After An Accident for Motorhome Owners

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If you were to be involved in a collision with another motorist, would you know what steps to take? Most people know to exchange insurance information but there’s more to it than this. Depending on whether anyone is injured you may need to call the police and you’ll certainly want to gather as much evidence as possible.

Below is a guide to help you take the proper steps if after an accident.

Exchanging information

If nobody is seriously hurt during the collision then the first thing you should do is exchange the relevant information with the other driver. Information you need to obtain includes –

  • The name, address and telephone number of the other driver
  • The details of their vehicle, including the make, model and registration number
  • Their insurance provider and policy number

If anybody is hurt during the accident then you should call the police. The police will question both parties as well as any witnesses. They’ll also carry out breath tests to help establish who was at fault for the collision.

Gathering evidence

One of the most important things you can do at the scene of an accident is to gather evidence to show your insurance provider. Without adequate evidence, it’s often just your word against the other driver’s and unfortunately most people don’t want to willingly accept blame for an accident where there’s even a small amount of doubt. Because of this you should take as many pictures of the scene as possible – showing both your vehicle and the other driver’s from all possible angles. You should also take pictures of the inside of your motorhome to show any damage to your contents. This is particularly important if you have a policy that includes cover for your contents.

Informing your insurance provider

Once you have a clear picture of what happened during the collision and have gathered as much evidence as possible, you should contact your insurance provider. Depending on the type of policy you have, they might be able to provide you with a replacement vehicle if your’s is unable to be driven for whatever reason. They’ll also get any relevant details from you, including your version of what happened and the details of the other person involved, including their car and insurance information. You’ll likely be given a reference number to quote if you need to contact your insurer again or to provide the other party with. If the evidence you have provided is sufficient to show that you were not to blame then the other party’s insurance provider will pay for the damage to your car. If there is a dispute that cannot be settled then it might be necessary to get to court although this is quite rare, especially if nobody is seriously injured.

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