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If you’ve just purchased your first motorhome then you’ll need to get used to driving a considerably larger vehicle. It can be quite a jarring switch to go from a regular sized car to a motorhome but with some practice and by following the tips below, you’ll soon be comfortable behind the wheel of your new vehicle.


One of the first things you should do before driving anywhere in your motorhome is to make sure you’re completely comfortable behind the wheel. This means adjusting your seat so that you can reach all pedals and controls without having to stretch. You should also make sure your seat is high enough by using the up and down tilt controls. The last thing you want to be doing when behind the wheel of such a large vehicle is adjusting the seat while you’re driving so be sure you’re completely comfortable before you set off on your journey.


Ensuring good visibility from all angles is another key aspect of good driving for motorhome owners. Your wing mirrors are what you’re going to be relying on for a clear view of what’s behind you so you want to make sure that they’re perfectly positioned before setting off. Windscreens on motorhomes are typically very large and will give you an excellent view of what’s in front of you. The fact that you’re seated much higher off the ground when compared to a regular car will also help with visibility.


A big adjustment that you need to get used to when driving a motorhome for the first time is turning. Due to the large size of a motorhome, you need to allow enough room for the rear of the vehicle to clear the corner. The best way to do this is to swing out a big before making the turn. This will prevent you from hitting curbs and potentially damaging your vehicle or street furniture.


As you might expect, one of the biggest challenges that new motorhome owners face is being able to park such a large vehicle properly. The best way to get better at this is by practicing in a pressure-free environment. Find a large, empty car park and practice as many manoeuvers as you can. By practicing in a safe environment like this, you’ll feel much more confident when you need to park your motorhome in a real situation.