Whether you sell vehicles as a part-time trader or full-time from your own premises, you will need to ensure you have the correct insurance cover in place. Our panel of expert motor trade insurance providers will find the right cover to protect you, your business and most importantly your customers

  • Employers’ & Public Liability Insurance
  • Third Party, Theft & Fire Cover
  • Protection for your premises
  • Contents & Business Interruption Cover
  • Protection for your vehicles

A Guide to Motor Traders Insurance for Vehicle Sales

If you sell vehicles, whether it’s full-time from your own premises or as a part-time trader, then you’ll need to get car dealer insurance. Motor trade insurance will cover you for all the risks you face when buying and selling cars. Motor trade policies can be highly tailored so you get the exact level of motor trade cover you need.

Types of Motor Trade Cover

The type of motor trade cover required often depends on the type of business. For example an approved repairer bodyshop will need a different type of cover to an auto electrician. That being said there are many common types of cover found across most motor trade policies. These include –

  • Third party – Third party insurance is available either on its own, or as part of a third party, fire & theft policy. This will provide minimal protection but does allow you to legally drive new vehicles from A to B.
  • Comprehensive cover – Comprehensive car dealer insurance will cover you for all types of collisions, even those that you’re liable for . This is the best type of cover to get if you want full piece of mind.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance can also be included as part of a motor trade policy. The advantage to getting breakdown assistance as part of your policy is that you’re able to cover any vehicles that you drive, not just the one you own.
  • Combined policy – A combined motor trade policy is extremely useful if you have your own premises. Not only does it cover you for the risks of the road but also includes protection for your stock, cash and premises.

Saving Money on Car Dealership Traders Insurance

  • Park vehicles securely – Theft is always a risk for those who buy and sell cars, which is why it’s so important to ensure that any cars you have in your possession are parked securely. This will help to keep the cost of your policy down too.
  • Make your premises secure – When you have multiple vehicles on your premises, you need to ensure that they’re well protected by making your premises as secure as possible. This means installing CCTV, security lights and cameras.
  • Pay upfront – If you can afford to pay for your policy on annual rather than monthly basis then you’ll be able to negotiate a lower rate for your policy.
  • Shop around – It may seem obvious but one of the best ways to save money on motor trade insurance is to shop around. Getting quotes is now easier than ever and could save you a good deal of money.

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