Convicted Drivers Motor Trade Insurance

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  • Cover for proposers with Criminal Convictions
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Motor Trade Insurance With Convictions

If you have convictions – whether they’re driving related or not – then you might be concerned that it will be impossible to get cover for your motor trade business at a reasonable price.

Whilst it’s true that insurance providers consider people with convictions to be higher risk, thankfully there are specialist providers who offer cover at a fair price based on your individual circumstances.

Types of convicted drivers motor trade insurance

  • Road risks – When running a business in the motor trade, it’s a necessity that you and your staff can work on customer vehicles and be protected for anything that might go wrong. This is what road risks enables you to do. You can chose what level of cover you need depending on your budget.
  • Combined motor trade insurance – If you want to protect every part of your motor trade business then a combined policy is the best way to do this. As well as providing road risks cover, your premises will also be covered in addition to things like tools, stock and cash.
  • Part-time cover – If you work on a part-time basis in the motor trade then you can get a policy that covers you only for the time you need.
  • Liability claims – Protect yourself against liability claims by getting public liability insurance included in your policy. You can also add legal expenses for an extra layer of protection.

Why get motor trade quotes online

  • Stress-free quotes – A big reason to get motor trade insurance quotes online is that it takes the stress out of the process. By filling out a simple quote form, you’re able to get quotes from many different insurance providers that you can easily compare.
  • Save time – By getting quotes online you can also save a great deal of time when compared to calling providers individually, which is always a great benefit to busy business owners.
  • Save money – Getting a lot of quotes can also save you a good deal of money by preventing you from overspending.

Get convicted drivers motor trade insurance quotes online

Get motor trade insurance quotes now from the panel of expert providers and you could be very pleasantly surprised just how affordable motor trade insurance with convictions can be.