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Engineering Workshops Motor Trade Insurance – What you need to know

Motor Trader Insurance Cover options

Below are some of the main cover options you’ll find with a motor trade insurance policy –

  • Road risks – This type of cover will enable you and your staff to work on and drive the vehicles in your possession. This is an essential type of cover with any motor trade insurance policy. You can choose what level of cover you need from third party to fully comprehensive.
  • Public liability – Liability claims are always a risk when you run a motor trade business so getting public liability insurance included in your traders insurance policy is highly recommended.
  • Legal expenses – Legal expenses can mount up fast if you have to fight a liability claim. Therefore it’s a very good idea to have them included as part of your policy.
  • Combined policy – A combined motor trade insurance policy gives your business full protection as it enables you to cover your vehicles as well as your premises, tools, cash etc.

Cutting down traders cover costs

  • Pay for the policy annually – Paying for your policy upfront is a very reliable way to lower its overall cost. This is not always affordable and does mean you’ll pay more upfront so you should think about whether or not it’s worthwhile.
  • Limit cover options – Another way to reduce the cost of your policy is to limit your cover options. Think about where your biggest risks come from and only get cover for what you need.
  • Increase excess – Excess is simply the amount you would pay if you had to make a claim. Increasing your excess will help to lower the cost of your premium. However this saving is of course only beneficial if you don’t have to make a claim since you will end up paying the extra anyway when/if you do.

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