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Motor Trade Insurance for Valeters Including Mobile Agents – What you Need to Know

When working on and transporting customer vehicles, it’s vital that you have the right type of cover in place. Motor trade insurance is a special type of cover designed for those who work with customer vehicles. A good motor trade policy will ensure that you’re covered for all the risks associated with valeting, whether you work from a premises or as a mobile valeter. Our car valeting insurance covers all.

Motor Trade Cover Options

  • Road risks – The most basic type of cover you need as a valeter is for road risks. You can choose from third party; third party, fire & theft, or fully comprehensive cover. This will allow you to transport customer vehicles with full peace of mind.
  • Public liability – Liability claims are always a risk for those who work with customer vehicles so it’s definitely worth having it included in your policy.
  • Employer’s liability – If you have employees then getting employer’s liability insurance included in your policy is always a good idea. This way, if they were to be injured or killed on the job, you’d be covered against any liability claims made against you.
  • Goods in transit – If you work on customer vehicles that contain goods and you need to transport them, then goods in transit cover is essential.
  • Breakdown assistance – You can also have breakdown assistance included in your policy, so you’ll be covered for any customer vehicles you need to transport.
  • Combined policy – A combined policy is an excellent idea if you work from your own premises. As well as being covered for road risks, your stock, tools, cash, machinery and premises itself will be covered for theft and damage.

Getting Traders Insurance Cover At The Right Price

  • Secure your premises – Making your premises secure is essential if you want to lower the cost of your insurance. Steps such as installing CCTV, security lights and alarms will make your premises much more secure.
  • Pay annually – Although not always possible, if you’re in the position to pay for your policy upfront then you’ll be able to negotiate a significantly lower rate.
  • Get multiple quotes – You should always get multiple quotes from different providers before making a decision. This way you can see which provider offers the right type of cover at the most competitive price.

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