Security Concerns for your Motor Trade Business

Whether you are a national name or a ‘one man band’ enterprise and whether you sell, lease or repair vehicles as a business, you are all subject to the same issues when it comes to security and safety concerns.

Let’s look at what these issues are and what you can do to overcome them.

The Big One is Theft

Unfortunately, car crime is on the rise again in the UK. Finding out that you’ve been the victim of theft can be devastating. Whether vehicles have been taken or tools and equipment have gone the impact is the same. The results can mean several things:

  • Work has to stop because vital equipment is missing
  • You have to tell a customer their vehicle has been taken or damaged
  • Extra expense is incurred though replacing missing tools and equipment
  • In the worst case scenario a small business may have to temporarily close.

It makes so much sense to insure your business against any such losses and a reliable traders insurance policy is a must to protect your motor trade business against any eventuality.

Out on the Road

Bad things and catastrophes not only happen on business premises they can happen out on the road too. There have been horror stories of drivers being attacked or hijacked while on the road. There have even been instances where a vehicle salesperson has taken a potential customer out on a test drive only to have that person force them out of the vehicle and then drive off in it. It goes without saying that having comprehensive traders insurance in place can go a long way to mitigating losses and making a bad situation easier.

Vandalism, Fire and Other Disasters

Although theft is a big security concern for motor traders it’s not the only one. Unless your premises are as secure as Fort Knox the chances are you will be vulnerable to the problem that is random vandalism. Aside from the costs incurred when things are taken and damage is caused to your premises and the valuable items within, you then have secondary costs to put things right. This may involve hiring contractors to do a clean up in the case of graffiti vandalism, arson or deliberate flooding. Significant costs can be incurred through upgrading your alarm and security systems or installing more secure fencing and locking systems.

Rather than wait and hope that nothing happens why not look into how a motor trade insurance policy can benefit you?

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