When to Take The Plunge From Part Time Motor Trader to Full Time Operation

Many people first get in to the motor trade on a part time basis either as a step back into work or as a second supplementary income to go alongside their full-time job. However, if you are making a good success of your part time work then you may want to consider making the move to working in the motor trade full time. Thanks to benefits such as flexible working and the potential to earn really good money, this is an industry which will always have work.

So, when do you know it’s the right time to make the leap into a full-time motor trade operation? Are there signs to look out for and what is the best way to go about it?

Are you having to turn down business as you just can’t find the time?

Being so busy that you are having to turn down business is a great sign that you may be ready to take your motor trade operation full-time. Once you have an established customer base that is regularly returning and recommending your services then you will start to see the amount of work you are offered increase. When you get to the point when you are having to say no to new customers or your work is beginning to encroach on your family or spare time, then it may be time to look at taking this full-time.

Are you earning more from this part-time operation than your full-time role?

If your earnings from your part-time motor trade are beginning to equal or overtake the earnings from any other job role then imagine the money you could be making by working full-time in the motor industry. The motor trade industry will always have markets open to you and so you can almost guarantee that there is good earning potential in this market.

Important points to consider about going full-time

Making the move from part-time to a full-time motor trade operation is not as simple as just working more hours. You will need to ensure that you are covered by full-time, and more than likely comprehensive, motor trade insurance. You may also want to consider making sure that your part time motor traders insurance also includes public liability insurance as well as employer liability insurance if you are planning on taking on any employees to work with you. Being covered by the right trade insurance is essential in case of any accidents, you want to make sure you won’t be left with any large legal bills.

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