Studying Mechanics? The Best Part Time Jobs to Consider

Unless you are lucky enough to be already in a motor trade job which allows you to study ‘on the job’ then you will be in the minority who are paid as you go along. However if you are at college or university full time and you are busy studying for your mechanics or engineering qualification it is not much fun being skint!

Most higher education establishments limit the amount of time you can spend working outside of your studies so it can be hard trying to fit shifts in around your study time. The important thing is to get the balance right so that neither work nor studies suffers and if you can do this then you will find that not only can your part time job earn you some much needed cash it will also look good on your CV. This is particularly true if you are working at a job which can help you secure a future within the automotive industry.

The most obvious jobs to consider are those that provide an entry into your chosen field and there are plenty of opportunities in the part time field such as delivery driving or car valeting to name but two. Whether you are an employee or working on a self employed basis in the motor trade you will need to consider taking out a part time motor trade insurance policy. A part time traders insurance policy offers protection for many jobs within the trade, so find out all about this before you start.

What Other Jobs Are There?

If you are looking for something completely different from your chosen study course, then bar and retail work comes to mind. Many employers are happy to offer flexible working and if you don’t mind taking on a zero hours contract you can be in complete charge of your working hours. These can be particularly useful around exam time when you need to spend extra hours cramming.
If you prefer to look within the automotive industry it may be worth contacting as many car dealerships and garages as you can to find out if any part time vacancies are available. Many smaller set ups are happy to offer part time work as and when it becomes available and you could gain a valuable insight into the workings of the motor trade.

Vehicle Valeting

Even working as a vehicle valeter can give you useful experience in developing the knowledge and customer service skills you may need in your future career as a motor technician especially if you plan to work with a major company.

Customer Service Industry and Marketing

Call centres are one of the traditional routes into work for many students. The advantage of working indoors in a comfortable environment whilst earning a decent wage is worthy of consideration. Cold calling or marketing jobs can be tough but if you are the confident, cheery type then this type of job can be a good introduction into how to deal with members of the public. Call centres often offer part time or flexible hours.

Home Care

The care industry is one that is constantly crying out for new employees and is also one which could offer part time hours. Some may require certain certificates or qualifications but away from the personal care side there could be vacancies within the administrative sector.

Get the Balance Right

Whichever part time work you decide to go for, the main thing is to get the balance right between studying, working and socialising. It helps to be earning money but it also helps to learn about how to juggle your time, engage with other people and learn about the world of work. Most of all it can help you get into your dream motor industry job

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