What to Pack in your Mobile Mechanics Vehicle

When you work as a mobile mechanic you’ve got all the advantages of being out on the road, saving the day for drivers with broken-down vehicles and coming home at the end of the day having done a great job.

And because you don’t always know what you’re going to be faced with you have to be prepared for most eventualities as far as possible. But when it comes to deciding what to carry with you it’s necessary to have the essentials with you at all times because there’s nothing worse than finding you haven’t brought the right tools for the job.

A Diagnostic Tool

All modern cars are equipped with a connection point for plug-in diagnostics. These handy little machines can instantly provide a readout of the problem. They can be expensive to buy so make sure your mobile mechanics insurance covers its full value should it be stolen or damaged. Check out our motor trade insurance guide for details on insuring all of your business risks.

Hand Tools

Even modern cars still need to be fixed using old-fashioned hardware like plug spanners, wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers and the like so carry a good range of these in different sizes and gauges. A torque wrench is essential and as this is another expensive purchase it’s wise to ensure it is covered under your mechanics insurance policy.

Cleansing Products

Whether the broken-down vehicle is brand new or 30 years old the chances are it’s going to be a fairly dirty job! The last thing you need is to have to drive your own vehicle back to base with greasy, oily hands. It’s a good idea to always carry with you a good supply of water-free hand cleanser for tough stains or wet wipes for lighter cleaning plus a roll of kitchen paper or industrial ‘blue roll’ paper. In the

interests of keeping your vehicle interior clean a set of overalls that you can slip on over your clothes is a good idea too as is a set of plastic disposable car seat protectors of the type used by valeters – to protect the client’s car seat if needed.

A Reliable Satnav or Smartphone App

It goes without saying that you can’t rescue your customer if you can’t find them! GPS is invaluable for helping you to find even the most remote locations because, let’s face it, vehicles don’t always break down in convenient places. There are some great satnavs on the market now so you should have no trouble finding a good device at an affordable price. Keep your mobile phone and your GPS device fully charged and if necessary buy an in-car phone charger so you can keep in touch with your customer.

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