How To Market Yourself as a Reliable Part Time Trader

Setting yourself up as a successful part time trader means more than just ticking the relevant boxes in terms of having the right part time motor trade insurance; it also means getting out there and marketing yourself in the right manner. If you want to be taken seriously as a trader, you need to advertise yourself as being a reliable person, being easy to get hold of – your clients will only call your answerphone a certain number of times, before they give up and try somewhere else, and providing a great service. But how can you do this if you already have another job that requires you to put your mobile phone to one side for the duration of your shift. Here, we take a look at a few tips and tricks to enable you to do so.

Set your working hours – and stick to them

There’s only so far you can be flexible when you’re working part time as a trader, as you’ll likely have another job with set hours to attend do – or perhaps you’re committed to studying? Whatever your other commitments, setting out your ‘opening hours’ and sticking to them will allow you to focus on your clients when they call, instead of being distracted by other things.

Let your Answerphone Do the Talking

If you can’t reach your phone at all times, your answerphone message could do some of the sales patter for you. Leave a brief message for callers spelling out the aforementioned working hours, and telling them when you’ll be free to call them back. Make sure you check your messages regularly and return calls quickly, and your clients will soon learn when they can and can’t get hold of you.

Put your contact details clearly on your ads

If you’re placing advertisements for sales, then consider putting your contactable hours as part of the text on your ad. Yes, it will likely take up some of your sometimes-restricted word count, but it may mean the difference between someone waiting to contact you at a time they know you’ll be free and them moving on to the next advertisement down the line.

Get a lot of calls?

If you get a lot of calls to your line that you’re not managing to answer due to the nature of your other commitments, it may be time to consider an answering/VA service. You can pay someone to field calls, set appointments and even go through the benefits of using your services, such as your comprehensive part time traders insurance and your other credentials while you attend to your other commitments.

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