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Road Risk Insurance

What is road risk insurance?

When you run a business in the motor trade, there is a certain minimum level of cover you need in order to operate your business legally. Getting cover for road risks is an essential type of cover that all motor trade businesses must have.

Road risk insurance will ensure that you and your employees are covered to work on customer vehicles as well as transporting them when needed. This is of course extremely important and is why road risk insurance is the cornerstone of any motor trade insurance policy.

Additional types of cover you can get with a road risk insurance policy

Below are some of the other main types of cover that those who work in the motor trade get.

  • Public liability – Liability claims pose a big risk to motor trade business owners. If a member of public were injured, killed, or just thought they were ill-treated by your business then you could easily find yourself facing a liability claim. Not having any cover in place to pay out this claim could be disastrous, which is why so many businesses now opt to get this type of cover included in their policy.
  • Employer’s liability – Liability claims aren’t only a risk when coming from members of the public but also your employees. Of course taking care to hire good staff who are able to deal with the demands of the job decreases the risk of an employee filing a claim against you but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Legal expenses – When it comes to liability claims, even if you were successful in fighting a claim, there’s no telling how long it would take or how much money you might have to spend on good legal representation. Legal expenses will cover the costs of having to fight a liability claim so it’s not something you have to worry about.
  • Combined motor trade policy A combined motor trade policy will cover every aspect of your business and includes road risk insurance as well as cover for your premises, stock, tools etc.

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