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HGV Mechanics Motor Trade Insurance – A Brief Guide

Working as a HGV mechanic places you in many different situations with varying risks. This is why getting a comprehensive policy that covers you for all the risks of your work is vital. This is where motor trade insurance comes in.

Motor trade insurance is a type of cover that provides protection for all types of businesses within the motor trade. This includes car dealerships, parking jockeys, auto electricians and tyre fitters to name just a few.

A motor traders insurance policy will cover you for all the risks you face working as a HGV mechanic and allow you to run your business with full peace of mind.

Types of HGV Mechanics Motor Trade cover

  • Road risks – Road risks is a fundamental type of cover for HGV mechanics and more or less every type of motor trade business for that matter. It will cover you for working on and transporting customer vehicles.
  • Liability claims – Liability claims are always a risk for motor trade businesses and HGV mechanics are no exception. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with liability claims by having public liability insurance included in your policy.
  • Combined policy – A combined policy is perfect when you want to cover your own vehicles and premises as well as tools, stock and cash – all under one policy.
  • Part-time policy – If you work part-time as a HGV mechanic then you’re able to get a flexible policy that will only run for the period that you require.

Ways to save money traders insurance

  • Pay upfront – Paying upfront for your policy is a very reliable way to make a saving. You certainly pay more upfront but doing this means you can negotiate a lower price with insurance providers.
  • Make your vehicles and premises secure – Security is always a big factor that insurance providers take into account when calculating the cost of a policy. Therefore making your own vehicles and premises as secure as possible is a great way to save money on HGV mechanics insurance.
  • Shop around – Get as many quotes as possible when looking for HGV mechanic insurance as this is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t pay too much for a policy you could get cheaper elsewhere.

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