If you run a coach trimming business then you need to ensure you have the right level of motor trade insurance cover.

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Motor Trade Insurance for Coach Trimmers – A Brief Guide

Running a business in the motor trade is a lot of responsibility so it’s vital that you get the right type of cover to protect you.

Every business will require a unique type of cover depending on what the main risks are.

Below is an explanation of the the types of cover you can get with a motor trade insurance policy.

What types of cover are there?

  • Third party – A third party policy will enable you to work on customer vehicles legally although it will not cover vehicles if you or an employee were to be involved in a collision where the blame lies with you. You can also get cover for your own vehicle.
  • Fully comprehensive – Fully comprehensive cover will cover the vehicles in your possession for all types of collisions, even those that you or your staff are liable for.
  • Public liability – Public liability insurance is always recommended for those who work in the motor trade. Liability claims can be very costly if they go against you so you want to be sure you have cover in place. You can also have legal expenses covered as part of public liability insurance.
  • Employers liability – In addition to liability claims from members of the public, you also have to think about claims that might come from one of your own employees, whether it was due to injury or an unfair dismissal. Employers liability will cover you in any event.
  • Combined policy – A combined motor trade insurance policy will provide full protection for your business. Not only will you be covered for working on customer vehicles but your premises will also be covered for structural damage and vandalism. You can also cover your stock, tools and cash.

Why get traders insurance cover online?

Below are some of the biggest advantages of getting motor traders insurance online –

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How do I get motor trade insurance quotes?

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