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A Guide to Motor Trade Insurance for Service, Repair and MOT Garages

If you run a service, repair or MOT garage then you’ll need to cover yourself for any risks so that you can run your business legally and also have peace of mind. Garage liability insurance is unique in that you must be covered for cars that you do not own and be able to carry out work on them. This is where garage liability comes in. This is a special type of cover that’s specifically suited
for the liabilities in the motor trade whether it’s repair garages, MOT centres, auction rooms, garage dealers or mobile mechanics. Any commercial garage can get a policy that suits.

Finding commercial garage insurance quotes is very easy now but before you get started it’s wise to look through the cover options that are available so you can decide what level of cover best suits your business.

Motor Traders Cover Options

  • Third Party – Third party insurance will allow you to work on customer’s vehicles whilst also providing protection for collisions where a third party is liable.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft – The same as third party only fire damage and theft are now covered for
  • Comprehensive – As well as allowing you to work on customer’s vehicles, this policy will also cover you for any type of collision, regardless of who’s liable.
  • Combined – A combined motor traders insurance policy is ideal for those who want to protect every aspect of their business. Not only does it provide cover for vehicles but also for the premises itself and assets such as tools and cash.
  • Public Liability – When working on other people’s vehicles, it’s always important to protect yourself against liability claims. You can choose to have legal fees included in the policy too for extra protection.

Ways to Save on commercial garage insurance costs

Below are a couple of reliable ways that you can save money on garage insurance –

  • Secure the Premises – Making your premises as secure as possible will show liability insurance providers that you’re less likely to make a claim. In turn you can expect to pay less for a policy.
  • Get Multiple Quotes – This is a very good way to ensure that you don’t pay over the odds.

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Service, repair and MOT garages insurance is one of the costliest, if not THE costliest, in the motor trade. Due to what it has to cover in terms of vehicles, tools etc there are also public liabilities, buildings insurance and all manner of other bits and pieces that have to be in there. If you are thinking of starting your own commercial garage, or think you are paying too much with your existing insurer let us guide you through the quickest and easiest way of getting the best garage dealers insurance policy at the best price.

Highly tailored policies for Traders Car Insurance

Some garages have a lot more equipment than others. Some garages only deal with a specific clientele such as domestic or commercial. There are so many different connotations it is little wonder that our highly tailored policies are so popular. If you know what you want on your service, repair and MOT garages insurance then let us know and we will tailor make your policy to suit. If you aren’t sure give one of our expert staff a call and they will give you invaluable advice to ensure you aren’t paying for anything you don’t actually want or need.

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Our fast and efficient website makes comparing quotes easier than its ever been. Everything you could possibly need is there on the screen. You can scroll through, check out the details, anything you want to do in able to make an informed decision as the best place to go for your liability insurance.

Multiple payment options

Insurance providers offer a range of multiple payment options so whether you want to pay it all at once or spread the cost across the year is absolutely fine.

Instant Motor Trade Insurance documentation

As soon as you have paid for your service, repair and MOT garages insurance, be it a lump sum or your first instalment, we send you out your documentation instantly. There is no hanging about waiting for the ping of your inbox when you get your policy from us.