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Vehicle Body Builders Insurance Guide

Working as a vehicle body builder means that you must protect yourself well by getting a good insurance policy in place. When doing body work on customer’s vehicles you must be insured to do this and a tailored insurance policy will allow you to work in peace of mind. There are many providers of vehicle body builders insurance online so you should not have trouble finding a policy at an affordable price.

The Benefits of Getting a Motor Traders Policy Online

Some of the benefits of getting cover online include –

  • Highly tailored policy
  • All types of cover
  • Cover your tools and other assets
  • Part time policies available
  • Expert advice
  • Easy claims process
  • Instant documentation

Things to Consider when Looking for Vehicle Body Builders Motor Trade Insurance

When taking out a policy there is more to consider than just price. Of course your budget is important but you must also think about where your biggest risks come from. For example when doing body work to a customers vehicle you must be wary of potential liability claims if something goes wrong. Most insurance providers will offer public liability insurance so you’ll be protected in such a scenario.

Saving Money on Motor Trade Insurance

  • Pay Annually – If you’re able to pay upfront for your policy then this is a very good way of making a saving on its overall cost.
  • Shop Around – With the ease of getting quotes online, there is no excuse not to get as many as possible. This gives you a very clear idea of how much you should be paying for your motor trade insurance and ensures that you get a good deal.

Get Traders Cover Quotes Easily

Since getting a lot of quotes is a great way to save money it makes sense to do it in the easiest way possible. If you click the green button below and fill out some required information, you’ll then have access to highly tailored quotes from a panel of vehicle body builders insurance specialists. It’s that easy!

When you work as a vehicle body builder you must give yourself the best possible protection in terms of your insurance. When you are doing any kind of body work on a customers vehicle you need a comprehensive insurance policy in place to make sure you are covered for every eventuality. The policies we offer for vehicle body builders give you exactly that, and a lot more as well. Take a look to see how we offer the best range of policies at the best possible prices.

Why you need Insurance for Vehicle Body Builders

The responsibility of doing any kind of body work on a customers vehicle is huge, and you need to make sure you back is covered at all time.  We will work with you to ensure you are covered for everything you want and need, allowing you to relax in the knowledge you have covered all bases.

Why we’re the best Vehicle Body Builders Insurance

You don’t want a policy that promises the earth but says in the small print that it will fail to deliver. This may sound somewhat exaggerated but that is unfortunately how many insurers work. From the outset we are completely transparent when it comes to all our policies and what you see is what you get, in the best possible way.

Benefits of Vehicle Body Builders Insurance

Highly tailored policies

A highly tailored bespoke policy is the best you can get, and that’s what our thousands of satisfied customers tell us they get when it comes to our vehicle body builders insurance.  Everything you want is on there, there is nothing you don’t want and our prices are outstanding when you consider the level of cover we offer.

We know that the type of cover you need might be different to other types of motor trade businesses such as MOT garages or sound and security installers. 

Compare Vehicle Body Insurance quotes easily

There is nothing more frustrating that spending time inputting your details into a comparison website then discovering that those quotes will come via email, along with all the spam now that your email address is ‘out there’. We don’t work like that and all the quotes will appear in a user friendly list so you can see at a glance who is offering the best deal.

Save time and money on Traders Insurance

A few carefully constructed questions which take 30 seconds to answer is all we need to build the profile to base quotes up.

Multiple payment options for your motor trade insurance cover

How you pay for your vehicle body builders insurance should be your call; and when you buy one of our policies its exactly that. Whether you prefer to pay monthly or yearly is a matter of personal preference, and it’s not up to us to make that decision for you.

Instant motor trade insurance policy documentation

Once you have paid for any kind of insurance online your documents should arrive instantly. This is a common courtesy that way too many companies choose to ignore. You pay we send, simple as that.