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If you own an accessory fitting business then you want to protect it with the right traders insurance policy.

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  • Protect your premises
  • Protect your vehicles
  • Public liability cover
  • Employers liability
  • Instant documentation

Motor Trade Insurance for Accessory Fitter Explained

Motor Traders Cover options

  • Road risks – Road risk insurance cover will enable you to work on and drive customer vehicles with protection.
  • Liability claims – Liability claims can come from both the public and your own staff. It’s definitely worth getting protection for both types of claims since they can end up costing your business a lot if they go against you.
  • Legal fees – The costs associated with fighting liability claims can escalate very quickly so it’s always a good idea to have legal feels included as part of your policy.
  • Combined motor trade insurance – A combined motor trade insurance policy enables you to protect all aspects of your business, from the vehicles you work on to your premises, tools and cash.

Benefits of getting Traders cover online

  • Save time & money – Getting quotes online is incredibly easy and this will save you both time and potentially a good deal of money too.
  • Get exactly the type of policy you need – Another key benefit of getting motor trade insurance online is that you can very easily adjust your policy so it only includes the type of cover you need.
  • No hard sell – When getting cover online you also don’t have to worry about dealing with a pushy salesperson as you might on the phone.
  • Instant documentation – Once you take out a policy, you’ll have the documentation to prove it sent to you instantly via email.

Saving money on your motor trade insurance

  • Make your premises secure – Making your premises secure reduces the risk of theft and vandalism and will therefore help to lower the cost of your insurance. CCTV, security lights and access control measures are all good ways to make your premises more secure.
  • Pay annually – Paying upfront for your policy will put you in a good position to negotiate a lower rate with insurance providers. Be sure to push for the best deal possible if you do this.
  • Get quotes – Getting quotes is one of the most reliable ways to save money on motor trade insurance. Thankfully it’s now easier than ever to get quotes.

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