Running an auction house means having the right type of motor trade insurance policy is vital.

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  • Public & Employers’ liability Cover
  • Protection for your premises and vehicles
  • Product Liability Cover
  • Business Interruption – covering loss of profits

A Quick Guide to Motor Trade Insurance for Auction Houses

If you run an auction house then you have many vehicles in your possession all the time. These vehicles must be protected even when they’re not being driven so it’s your responsibility to ensure that you have the right type of cover.

A motor trade insurance policy will cover the cars in your possession for risks such as accidents, theft and damage. A motor trade insurance policy can also cover your premises itself, as well as things like tools, cash and stock. This is why motor trade cover is necessary.

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How to save money on your traders insurance

If you want to save money on a motor trade insurance policy then below are some of the best ways to do this –

  • Pay for the policy upfront – Paying for your policy annually rather than monthly may not sound too appealing since you’ll be paying a lot more upfront. However this is a very reliable way to make a good saving on a motor trade insurance policy. If you do decide to pay upfront then you should haggle to get the best price for the policy that you can.
  • Make sure your premises is secure – Making your premises secure will reduce the risks of theft and vandalism so you should take any steps you can to do this. When you have an auction house, you need to think about the perimeter of your premises and restricting access. You can do this by using barbed wire or other access control methods. You should also think about installing CCTV and security lights.
  • Get as many quotes as possible – Getting quotes from different insurance providers is one of the best ways to save money on motor trade insurance. By getting quotes from multiple providers, you can easily compare them and see which provider offers you the best price.

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