If you have been seeking DR10 insurance following a drink driving conviction then you may want to rethink your future plans for nights out. A good solution to ensure that you never need to seek drink driving insurance again is to remain alcohol-free on nights out. This may sound tricky to begin with. You probably enjoy going to bars to socialise and catch up with friends but it can be hard to spend a sober evening with people who are drinking alcohol. It may feel like you don’t experience the same atmosphere and camaraderie without a cold beer or sparkling cocktail in your hand. But don’t despair, as more and more people choose not to drink alcohol there are an increasing number of products appearing in bars to mimic the taste and appearance of alcoholic drinks. Here are some great alternatives:

Copycat drinks

If you are out with friends who are likely to encourage you to drink then you may find it easier to order a pretend alcoholic drink in order to relieve the peer pressure. Good choices to mimic alcoholic drinks include soda water, tonic and lemonade with a squeeze of lemon or lime. These clear drinks look like clear spirits and mixers. This isn’t really the most exciting alternative so how about a mocktail that looks just like a cocktail? Bloody Marys, cosmopolitans and even martinis are easy to fake and somehow holding a martini glass makes you feel more a part of the fun.

Non-alcoholic beers

Non-alcoholic beers have definitely been improving in recent years. After a long period devoid of much innovation in the non-alcoholic beer market there are suddenly a number of good alternatives popping up. Check out the alcohol-free versions from some of the craft beer companies for an interesting and tasty alternative.

Retro goodies

The chillers in bars are becoming increasingly packed interesting and delicious offerings. Old favourites such as ginger beer and dandelion and burdock are making a comeback and the juice market is definitely stepping away from the standard old Britvic or J2O.


If you’re happy to let it be known that you are not drinking then you can fake it loud and proud. Fabulous new mocktail creations look as fancy as the real thing, including sprigs of herbs and wedges fruit to create a special occasion drink.

Whatever you decide to drink, enjoy your evening and remember that the person who offers to drive all their friends home is bound to be the hero of a night.