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Get car insurance with an SP30 conviction

An SP30 conviction is for exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road. If you get an SP30 conviction then it will come with points on your licence as well as a possible fine and driving ban.

Speeding convictions certainly makes getting car insurance at a competitive rate more difficult. Unfortunately, insurance providers consider those with convictions, especially speeding convictions, to be in a higher risk category. They therefore tend to price such policies significantly higher.

The good new is that there are specialist providers of SP30 car insurance who can offer you quotes at a reasonable rate.

Types of SP30 car insurance

  • Road risks – Road risks is a necessary part of any car insurance policy. You can choose from either third party; third party, fire and theft; or fully comprehensive.
  • Breakdown cover – Breakdown cover is something that most insurance providers will give you the option of adding to your policy. Even if you have cover from another company, you might be able to save money by getting it from your insurance provider instead.
  • Windscreen repair – This is a useful additional type of cover you can get. Although it’s not vital, it is handy to know that repair costs would be covered if you got a chip in your windscreen.

What factors affect the cost of SP30 car insurance?

Aside from your conviction, some of the other factors that will affect the cost of a policy are –

  • The value of your vehicle – The value of your car will certainly be something that has a big impact on how much your cover costs.
  • Where it’s parked – Where it’s parked is another big factor insurance providers will consider. A locked garage would be ideal, or even a driveway. Unfortunately parking on the street does mean you’ll pay more.
  • Named drivers – If you want to add another driver(s) to the policy, then this will increase its price too.

Mitigating Your SP30 Conviction

There are steps you can take to help offset the rate increase from an SP30 conviction when applying for new insurance:

  • Complete an advanced driving course – Many providers offer discounts for qualified advanced drivers. Pass Plus, IAM, and BTEC courses are well-recognised.
  • Optimise your voluntary excess – Choosing a higher excess demonstrates responsibility and lowers risk to the insurer. But don’t over-commit on the excess amount.
  • Install telematics – Having a black box fitted can provide proof of safe driving habits and continued monitoring. This appeals to high-risk insurers.
  • Choose a lower-risk car – Opting for a car in a low insurance group with additional safety features can also help manage premiums.
  • Review your mileage – Declaring a lower annual mileage may help improve your risk profile. But don’t declare an unrealistic figure.
  • Consider usage-based cover – Some insurers provide policies priced on actual mileage. This can minimise premiums if you drive fewer miles.

Other Speeding Convictions – SP30 vs. SP50

Not all instances of speeding are classified as SP30. There is another type of speeding offence known as SP50, which specifically applies to motorways. When a driver exceeds the 70mph speed limit on a motorway they receive an SP50 notice. It is important for drivers to be aware of the speeding offence code they have been convicted of and ensure that they have received the notice corresponding to the violation. Knowing the distinction, between types of speeding convictions, such as SP30 for roads and SP50, for motorways enables drivers to provide accurate information when dealing with insurance providers.

Speed Limits Motoring Conviction Codes

SP30 convictions will stay on your licence for 4 years from the date of the offence
SP30 Exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road 3-6

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