Moving On After a Criminal Conviction – How to Improve Yourself

When you have received a criminal conviction this can affect your life and future prospects. Your motor insurance premiums will be affected because you are required to declare any convictions to your insurer. Luckily a specialist insurer can help you with criminal convictions car insurance. Even so it can be very difficult to get started again, to move on and show people how you’ve changed.

If you can’t get a job

People who have been convicted of a crime often find themselves becoming depressed and this can affect their appearance and general demeanour. This in turn impacts on how friends, family and employers see them and interact with them and can sometimes lead to isolation. It’s important that you admit your mistake and that you have paid the penalty then hold your head high and rejoin society. While you are waiting for paid employment why not offer your services to a local charity or community organisation as a volunteer? This can help build your confidence and self-esteem and will benefit your CV. It will prove to employers that you are a person to be trusted and are willing to work hard. Learn a new skill or brush up on old ones in order to give you a better advantage in the job market. Consider embarking on an advanced driving course to gain a qualification that can help to lower your insurance premiums.

Help with the job search

Finding employment may be fraught with difficulties when, depending on what kind of job you’re looking for, you may have to declare your convictions even if they are technically ‘spent’. Make sure you get as much information as possible regarding when your conviction becomes ‘spent’ and whether you should declare it or not. If you need help in looking for work there are organisations that can help you in this. As well as the Jobcentre there are several recruitment agencies that specialise in finding work for those with criminal convictions and/or prison sentences. Depending on what your conviction is for, if you are realistic about your career prospects and accept any help given you should be able to move on in your working life.

Approach the future with positivity. Remove yourself from anything or anyone who could lead you into repeating the same mistake and try to cultivate new friendships or opportunities. Finally, make sure to acknowledge your past mistake. Analyse it, learn from it then lock it away and don’t let it shape the rest of your life – unless, of course, it does so for the better.

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