Drug Rehab Options for Those Who’ve Been Convicted

The issues around the subject of drugs are emotive and, in some quarters, divisive. There are equal numbers of advocates who argue passionately on both sides of the legalisation divide. Whatever your personal view, the fact is that the taking of drugs whether legal or illegal can affect all aspects of your life, not least your driving record.

Once you have a conviction for drug use you can for instance find it extremely difficult to get car insurance at a rate you can afford although there are companies who specialise in drug driving insurance.

Effects of drug use

Some see drug addiction as something they can handle but once it takes hold of you it can have harmful and long-lasting effects on your health, your family and your finances. Prolonged drug use has been shown to cause long term mental health disorders due to the changes it makes in the brain; prolonged use particularly by injection can increase the risk of certain needle-borne infections and viruses.

Can drug addiction be treated?

Aside from the obvious risks to physical and mental health, regular drug use will eventually lead at some point to a criminal conviction and sentencing in court is often linked to a commitment to undertake rehabilitation. Court-ordered rehabilitation is often passed down in lieu of a prison sentence and attendance is therefore mandatory. Any breach of a rehab order can result in recall to the court for the prison sentence to be enacted.

Treatment for drug addiction is neither a simple process nor a short term quick fix and will usually take the form of a mixture of counselling, behavioural therapy and where necessary medication designed to wean a person off a specific type of drug over a period of time. Most rehabilitation facilities require a person convicted of drug use to commit to a programme of treatment at an approved location and for a set period of time during which rehab professionals will evaluate the patient’s mental health alongside their progress.

When you have a DG10 conviction

Once you are convicted of drug driving you will receive a DG10 endorsement on your license so if you wish to continue driving you will benefit from the help of an insurer who specialises in DG10 insurance. Completing a rehabilitation order will go a long way towards getting your life back on track as well as sending a message to insurers that you are serious about reducing your risk when driving.

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